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discrimination against an injured worker
I am beyond fumed. One of my employees broke her hand in 3 spots and is in a cast. She didnt break it at work, she broke it at home. Her restrictions are the same as mine, no use of right arm. But guess what? They are allowing her to work, but yet they wont let me work. Makes me think im being discrimated against because I got hurt at work and she didnt. I left my boss a message telling him that if they allow her to work, then they must allow me to work as well.
Has your Dr. cleared you for work Princess? I can't remember. If you are cleared to work, sounds if both of your injuries are very similar, you should be able to work also if your job duties are the same. Just my opinion, and you know as always I wish you the Best!!Wink
Good morning Prncess: I thought the doctor was the one who decides if you can work or not. Is that not the case with you?
Let Go, and Let God......
My dr cleared me for work 1 week post op with restrictions. Its the company that has been keeping me off, not the dr.
prncess..... I have seen this many times at my place of employment. WC injuries seem to be different in that they happened on the job. I have seen many times a Dr. let a person work with restrictions and the employer accept it BUT not with a WC injury. Discrimination. you would think so. Maybe someone more knowledgeable will come along with Law on this issue. if there is one.

Just keep your Notes of Dates Time People and hold them, this is all you should do at this time, nothing else. You have up to 6 months to file discrimanation charges.
Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
hi all, this is what i was talking about in my post about A.D.A. because the company i work for is doing the same thing to me..doctor says i can work with restrictions but boss says no!!!!and on top of that i got informed that i had to take fmla and all my vacation.my lawyer told me that they could do pretty much any thing that they wanted as far as my job went,but i may have a case of discrimination as they will not allow me to return to work.this is bull s--t ,after 18 years of service and what do you get...the shaft!!!!! oh well hope you all are doing alright today,lets collectivly keep our chins up...if it doesn't hurt to bad!!!!
I still have 1 somewhat loyal employee who fills me in on things. SHe calls to see how im doing and has offered to help me clean and such. I would take her up on her offer, but I dont allow employees to know where I live. Shes the one that called me when she saw this employee working.

TRUCKSTER.......I was out of work due to a back injury for 18 months back in '99. Dr. sent me back to work after 6 weeks with restrictions. My supervisor turned it down for 18 months. He liked keeping my paycheck in the departments account. A real creep. HR was not aware of this until they sent me a letter about not being able to hold my job open for more than another 6 months. I called the director of HR and asked what the problem was that I could have been back to work long ago. She had no idea this was going on. Boy was my boss mad that I dimed him out. Was back to work within 3 days. Now onto injured people working with restrictions that are not WC injuries. He allows it all the time. Would never answer me when I asked why not me. Have spoken to two employment attorney's in the past with no success. Well he;s at it again. denied my case because he was mad at me the day before. Likes women that are seen and not heard and that's not me. Nice huh? put someone through this because you were mad at them. Yet he tells everyone how I am his best manager. Go figure 'cause I can't.

Cappy, I swear our bosses are twins that share the same brain and heart.

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