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1171... why?
Jayne, NOT ME, I,am Retired, And don't need any more practice. LOL ADMIN....You are the best and look forward to meeting you in Florida in OCT.
I will bring you the instruction manual............
To all... Problem solved in terms of negative reports hurting people. Please just stop this thread now. Lets all just know that people are people and honestly they do have a right to feel what they feel, but we all must use caution in hurting people who are already hurt. And this is not just about Still...this is about an everyday way of communicating... so end this thread now. Thanks for your support of what I said. I do care about you all, and if 1171 came to my door, I would care for him or her as well...

Admin, I was very childish, but I still stand on what I wrote. I will still stay away from the other forum becasue I prefer no contact with a cruel person. However, I was very cruel myself and I will have to answer for it.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Red, Thank You for the Kind Words You wrote, I feel Very Privileged to Call You Friend, and Thank the Rest of You for the Kind Words You have Written! I Really didn't look at the Reputation Number Much, but when I had Noticed that it had changed, I Read it, for Fear that I may have Upset Someone, and if so, I wanted to Make it Right with the Person. Right before 1171 Posted that Review, on the Thread that was in Question at the Time, I really don't recall which One it was Now, I had Praised Him/Her for His Valuable Info., which as far as Knowledge goes this Person is Very Well Qualified, in My Opinion. Why the Attack I still don't know, and I in Anger gave him a Negative Vote in Return. About a month or so ago, I deleted that Negative Vote against 1171, I realized it was Foolish to do, and I shouldn't have Written it to Begin with. The Positive Votes I had on there Made Me Feel good, and I Thank Each and Everyone of You for them, and Admin.,Thank You, I Agree with the change You Made, now We are All Equal. I've nothing to Say about 1171, there is No Rule that Says that He/She must like Everyone, and Quite Frankly after Seeing some of His Other Attacks on People I came to Realize that this is a Person I don't want in My Life, I have too Much to Deal with to have to Put up with Him/Her, and I have just Learned to Ignore them. Thank You All so Much for coming to My Aide, I would have done the Same for You, You See, that's what the Great Group of People on this Forum do, actually CARE about Each other and their Families, and it's a Shame that 1171 doesn't Realize this! I'm Proud to be a Part of this "Gang", it's a Great Feeling to know that other People in the Situations We are in Care, and are so Giving!! So I'll End this with a Thank You to All, and I Hope Our "Gang" only grows, so that others can Feel the Caring on Here!!!Smile
Oooooh mannnn, that was the only reputation I had left, LMAO....

Glad the problem is solved and yes I was part of the girl gang, I now remember the thread and actually thought it was much longer ago.

Admin, excellent job in solving the problem! Smile
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile


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