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"Where's Admin? II" - We Have A Winner!

What can I say that hasn't already been said, except, I feel bad about this whole situation as I am nearly certain that it was my post which provided the link to your page, hence Flickr's user stats that showed who was looking at your images. In this case, me! See post #75. It all seems surreal to me, quite actually, because I just can't understand why you are harping on this photo situation. Todd, I know that it was no one's intention to use that photo for gain - neither financial nor personal. Admin was only providing a game like we sometimes do to help lessen the the stress most of us encounter every day. He and most of us would do the same for you if you were having problems. We try to uplift each other here when we are down in the dumps. Shoot, sometimes we knock each other down a notch when we feel it's appropiate. But no matter what, we love each other like brothers and sisters and only mean well in any instance. Sometimes we are clear-headed...sometimes foggy-brained.Smile Nonetheless, we are humble beings when it comes down to it, and try to help out.

I am pretty sure that you are who you say you are. You're welcome here, too. After viewing most of your visionary work, I see that you have a lot to offer. For someone who is so gifted to capture such scenes with a simple camera and they turn out to be works of art is someone noteworthy. I'm not blowing smoke up your bahunkus. I'm just stating how I feel at the moment. Just don't make me angry. You don't want to see me angry!Wink Smile!

Wink...that was so well said. Todd I think you can see from all the postings that no one meant to take away from your lovely art work and no one meant to cause you any harm at all. Please take everything that has been said, and just know that there are truly kind people in this world and know in your heart that you have stumbled upon the best. We have formed into an online family. We first met through circumstances that no one wants to encounter, but it is not those circumstances that keep us here, it is the ability to support others who are going through what we have already been through. It is the ability to care for another persons situation. Some of us do it though information, some through lending a ear, and some through playing games such as our admin has done for us. Please do not destroy what he has done and make it into something that is not legal or less than honorable. I know our admin to be very honorable man and someone who I am really proud to know on this forum. He makes this work for all of us and he bends over backwards to set things up. He understands our needs are far more than just the physical from the injury. They include the psychosocial such as having opportunities to be and have a friend to confide in. The list goes on and on, and has been described well... so lets all shake hands and be friends and lets all just say, onto a very happy and friendly New Year .... it will be our best. I just know it. Love you all Red
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
Wink and Red - Both of you said things very well.

Todd, I have been silent on this matter other than to point out that Wink had posted the link to your wonderful pictures as a backup for his decision on Madison Capitol Building. I think Admin gave you some very good suggestions if you wish to make sure that your photos remain copywrited and are only used with your permission.

As far as this site goes, it's a site for injured workers, Admin knows the holidays is one time of the year that most of us suffer from depression because of financial reasons and also because we can't physically do like we would normally do for the holidays. And I am sure this cold weather hasn't helped anyones pain levels any at all. I know, I use to love to decorate my house both inside and outside. The outside is now done simply, yet as my hubby says it's still elegant, yet I would love to do so much more, yet can not at this time. The inside, well I got the sofa stand done up this year. Smile Some of us still have family come over for the holidays - they are the ones that understand our injuries, and then there are those that don't have families or friends stop by because they don't know how to deal with our injuries. (That is not my case as my hubby's family lives in TX and mine in IA and elsewhere across the nation.)

So the games we play, whether Admin plans them or one of the members - and yes we have members here that are generous with their art/craft work as well - then it's a way to forget about our pain for a little while each day.

I can see where you posting links to new photos could also do the same thing. They are very lovely and peaceful photos that I have looked at. Please become part of our off topic community and join in on the fun and get to know each of us.

Happy New Year!!

WOW Todd, I just looked at your images from the link that was posted and they are indeed beautiful Smile My digital photography teacher would have loved to have seen these, they are great!!! Like others here have said it would be nice for you to become a part of our off topic forum. Maybe this all happened for a reason and it was to lead you to us or us to you Smile

I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Please drop by and share new pics with us if you feel like it, I would love to see more of them Smile
Please click the link below to help provide food for homeless animals. It's free and only takes a second of your time! Thanks Smile


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