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45th infantry brigade
Some of you might have heard about the 26,000 members of the 45th trying to come up with 600,000 dollars so these brave soldiers can make it home for Christmas before they are to be deployed to Iraq, please add them in your prayers so they can get to do this before going off to war, my nephew is one of these soldiers getting ready to be shipped out for the second time.They will get to stay home from dec 23rd till jan. 2.Thanks guys halftrak
no matter where you're at there you are
halftrak, thank you for explaining this need to us. It is hard on military to go home at Christmas, mostly because of cost. A lot of these young men and women do not make enough to buy a plane ticket. You would all be surprised at all little the military people actually make in dollars and cents. Please not also in the above note, that they bare going back for the second time. My son has been there 6 times before the war actually began this time and then twice since the war began. He is a E7 and he works on the large fueler plane.. as a crew chief.

Again..thanks halftrak... Red
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don't want to sound stupid...but I guess I am...where can you send the donation (if you wanted to) I posted this or rather sent this to my friend in Texas, who is very active in helping all the branches of service men/woman..and I'm sure she'll do well in assisting too!!!!!

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