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Welcome to the new Discussion Forum
Cool, this is great!
This is cool to see a glimpse of everyone's personality with their avator!
Let Go, and Let God......
I am to dumb to figure out the avator but my honey will fix it for me tomorrow
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Well, love this new Board, got my Advatar, and I'm drugged up, and tied, so off to try and sleep some now. Take care all, enjoy this, and have fun.

Reply's are intended solely for informational purposes. They are based on personal opinions, experience, or research and are "not to be taken as fact or legal advice", otherwise, always consult an attorney or a doctor.
Wow!!!! I must say I'm a little overwhelmed right now...Admin, you have done an awesome job!!!! Thank you for all your hard work and effort.
nice and clean....hope to get some answers here. lots of other forums out there that are sooo against the injured worker it ain't funny.
bi-lateral cts and cUts, both right and left cts surgery rh., open-release, 11/30/2005 ulnar nerve transpositon surgery, rh. 12/03/2006 cts surgery, endoscopic release and ulnar nerve transposition surgery, lh. 01/03/2007
Rapid- This forum is for the IW. We have a great group of people here who are full of wisdom and can answer most of your questions if not all.
Welcome to the forum!!
admin Wrote:We hope you enjoy it! Cool
Thanks for all the help.
Jayne- your avatar is soooooooo cute!!
How or where do you get the avatar? This is my first post. Too scared to write anything to anyone. W-C makes me feel like a criminal. I was run over in the parking lot where I work March 2006 haven't been able to work since. My claim has been allowed but I haven't received treatment for any injuries such as brain injury, herniated discs in neck and lower back, post tramatic stress disorder and major depression disorder. I hurt 24 - 7 and its to the point that I can't bear it any longer. I use to be a happy person always looked for the positive in every negative but this whole experience has changed me. I am so sad and no longer recognize the person that looks back at me in the mirror. I've been sent to what feels like a million doctors to disprove what's wrong with me yet they all come back saying yes she has these conditions and they are from the accident. However, to date I've had 10 physcial therapy sessions. That's it. I haven't driven my car since the accident. I was walking in the parking lot when the truck ran me over. I take pills to mask the pain. Don't sleep. Hurt so bad I cry. I guess I'm just rambling here so I apologize. Not sure what I want any of you to say or do. I have no expectations hence no dissappointment. Maybe I just want to be part of a group that won't think I'm nuts. I'm scared I'll never get fixed and I'll be like this the rest of my life. I'm alone even in a room full family. I have nothing to contribute to any conversation for all I think about is how much I hurt and what position to put my body in that will make it feel better for a few minutes. I have read many of your posts and I like the replys people get. The discussion board appears nice. Thank you for letting me talk. I think that's what I just did. Does anyone understand what I'm saying or how I feel?

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