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If you could tell your past self "key things in California Comp", what would they be?
Workers Comp is very slow according to all the posts I've read, nothing moves quick except the Adjuster trying to kick you out to the streets. What key things do new injured workers need to focus or not focus on? Right now I am trying to find a new lawyer to get rid of the lawyer my brother hired. When someone is smashed in the head they lost their analytical skills. I posted my problem on one of the legal websites and they all agreed my brother should have got a lawyer closer to home. The problem with that is, he is like a child now and nothing like his former self.

I spoke with his Adjuster, they refuse to cut him a Workers Comp check while his crummy lawyer in San Diego County refuses to help one bit. Is there any way to figure out who is a good lawyer and who is just trying to bulk up cases hoping to make money quickly? What key advice would you give to your past self to avoid going getting angry how nasty the Workers Comp System is?
Each case is different. Different adjusters, different carrier, different court, different atty.
There are 10 times more cases without problems then the few you see.
Serious complex injuries are rare and do require more time to resolve.
Sounds like doctors and treatment is more of a problem then the atty.
Read up on guardianship or getting a conservatorship.
To Find a work comp specialist start here
Or here

The best way to short circuit frustration and anger is learn about the system and ditch your preconceived ideas.
As you,ve found out most of what you thought you knew is wrong.
The DWC has a website full of information

And you can always Bring your question here.....
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know which state the claim was filed in to provide accurate information.........

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