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Multiple body parts
9/26/16 I injured my left knee due to two patients fighting. One patient made a make shift ice pick assaulting the other patient that was throwing metal chairs. The left knee is established. With months of treatment therapy and injection, the knee continue to be problematic, consequential injury when the left knee gave out while exiting the shower. I fell and injured my neck,back and spine. Both doctors put in request for surgery. Spine symptoms severe pain, issues walking standing,dressing, showering. Severe weakness, frequent loss of bladder functions. On 8/17/17 I had an ACDF procedure, symptoms are progressing. I had a left knee arthroscopic surgery on 10/24/17. I was just informed by the surgeon that performed the Acdf surgery, that due to the ongoing symptoms I would require and additional surgery. My left knee and back are established. My neck has been again scheduled for an IME to determine if the neck is consequential. Last IME was directed to state weather the neck and back was consequentially related, but he only found the back to be consequentially related, due to a recent surgery in the cervical spine the IME Dr was unable to examine the neck. I’m certain after the next IME he will also find that the neck also is consequentially related.
What should I expect???
You have to be more specific. "Expectations" vary from different workers, different carriers, different employers, different comp systems, different attys, etc.
Expect more treatment and a longer recovery. Expect more issues to develop.
If there is no contrary medical opinion, expect some comp benefits.
If the case is litigated, expect involved settlement negotiations and hearings.
Expect to have to go back to work or find other resources in order to provide for yourself.
Predicting the future course of some ones claim is difficult. We can provide some information on the rules and the process in general if we know your state; but not what will happen on any particular claim.
Read some other posts on the board on similar topic.
Use the search feature to narrow your questions.
Be more exacting witH your questions.
we can offer generalities if you want but they are usually not very helpful.
Questions like "what's next?" Will just get even more vague responses.
Thankx for posting.
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know your state to provide accurate information.........
Guess you didn't expect that response.
Be well.
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know your state to provide accurate information.........

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