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severe ankle injury
I was injured at work in NY state after falling on wet concrete. I fractured my left ankle in two places, dislocated the distal portion of the fibula, spiral fracture of mid shaft fibula, and tore the ligament. I have had surgery to correct the injuries, and large six inch ORIF with 10 screws, and two additional screws also a tightrope suture inserted. No weight bearing for 4 months, I just started therapy.
I have been paid for my sick days and also by workers compensation. I have not retained an attorney and I am concerned if I can continue my job or if I have any disability.

My parent feel I should retain an attorney Im not sure and dont want it to interfere with my job. Recently I was advised during the holidays by two PIP attorneys that I should get a lawyer in case there is a problem.
Is it to late or should I wait. I train dogs for a non profit agency for people with disabilities and there is no light duty.


You can get an atty at any time. Once your claim becomes litigated it can't be "unlitigated"; it,ll always have to go thru the court system. Your concern is legitimate; Employers don,t like to be "sued"
For a serious injury and one involving surgery there will usually be some Residule permanent impairment for which you will get a rating and additional permanent disability payments. This will happen once your doc determines you have reached maximum medical improvement.
For detailed info on NY comp system go here
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........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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