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The Laws need to change !!
This whole workmen's comp thing is driving me bonkers !!!
NONE of this should have been this way, if my employer admitted that this injury was in fact an oncoming injury due to lifting over 12,000 pounds per day, and sometimes up to 25,000 # when palletizing five to six days per week !!
Between filing, seeing Doctor's one right after another, seeking an attorney, denial letters, follow ups, signing up for SSI, food stamps, trying to keep my head above water, is about to get the best of me...I guess that is how companies roll....
Why the government lets them get away with denying it ,is beyond me !!
I think it is all a fraud....every bit of it !! No person should be denied. The company is the one who should be fighting to deny it. Not me !!! If that makes any sense... I should be given what is due to me, then let them use their attorney to fight it !!! Jeeze... The law needs to change. This is outright ridiculous !!!
Kentucky is a republican controlled state.
There will be no laws changed to benefit workers.
Kentucky voters want more powerful and wealthier businesses.

As Long as kentuckians vote republican worker rights including those that help injured workers will continue to be weakened.
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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