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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(02-27-2018, 03:05 PM)Cashiered Too Wrote:
(02-27-2018, 02:17 PM)tinainky Wrote: I am sorry you had to go through all of that. seems like my story, although I was mis diagnosed from the beginning. I do not have much time today, because I have to go to therapy . It is all a crock ! Employers do not care,because you can no longer work,and your bills are piling up,all the while you are in chronic pain... I could go on and on... but I must go for now.....Take care.

I'm in the process of taking a neighbor down to Crisis Assistance as he was laid off last summer (his wife passed shortly after) and his health immediately failed, most likely from long term conditions brought about by his decades long employment as a construction welder. He recently had surgery for blood clots in his legs but has suffered from respiratory issues and a hernia for many years - he says it's all work related but never filed a WC claim. His unemployment comp stopped, his transportation broke down with no money for repairs. He's behind on rent, utilities but friends and neighbors have kept food in the house.

Have another neighbor in the hospital at the moment, probably due to work related issues but his group insurance is covering it. He's in better shape financially with extended family and friends pulling together to help him as he isn't going back to work (he's 65). He told me his employer didn't carry Worker's Comp insurance and they were expected to turn in any and ALL 'issues' into the group insurance. His only retirement will be his savings and Social Security.

Hope things work out for you and your neighbors.

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