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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(01-18-2018, 08:28 PM)bugmann Wrote:
(01-03-2018, 12:49 AM)tinainky Wrote: Tinainky,

Sorry for my absence, Ive had major problems with my 20 yrs of opioid therapy. The PM DR had me find a shrink to prescribe my Valium, and once I did I learned why. This so called epidemic on opioids (I think they need to read the definition of epidemic) has all Drs trying to reduce dosing to 90mg of Morphine or equivalent. Thats about 1/12th of mt current patch dose. The shrink and therapist will see me 4X a month plus the PM DR 1X and they are seeking signs of suicide due to pain as well as try to control all my anxiety meds ie. Pristiq and Wellbutrin sr. This with wife losing her job and me getting a Medicare BCBS health plan. Each specialist has a 50$ per visit co pay, I got an 8$ a month raise in my SSDI. That alone makes me think of alternatives (just kidding) Its been a nerve racking few months for me, my reduction begins at the end of month and I should be ok for the 1swt 2 months but after that I will need to see. Anyway It was hard to find a shrink taking patients but I found one who appears to be on my side, but I dont prefer talking about my abusive childhood,to make things worst I was put on a CPAP machine at night and i now dream or recall my dreams and thats horror!!

So thanks for the MRI DX of" Hypertrophic change acromioclavicular joint with minimal
impingement supraspinatus musculotendinous junction.
Supraspinatus tendinosis.
Very small joint effusion.
" but this injury appears to not be permanently disabling according to a sight I read  @ http://www.healthhype.com/supraspinatus-...-tear.html

In any event pain is felt differently from patient to patient. Your best shot at winning you claim for a period of permanent disability from SSI is due to pain, thats how I got mine "spinal pain" & radiating pain down L leg. Its been my experience to always display the worst pain you have had due to any "chronic" condition. THERE IS NO QUESTION IN MY MIND THAT YOUR MRI DX IS WORK RELATED!!!  this DR saying no way has to be paid for by employer some how!! There is no way any DR can dismiss your line of work as causation I feel its fully the cause once Ilearned what you did.

Getting SS determination 4 total disability can only strengthen your WC position for total disability.

I have some VERY informative articles on getting disability fom SSA. Would you like to read them? Even though SS is federal each state has its own way of getting it, but with pain the requirements seem to be same in all states, so far?? It gives you tips and explains how the process works and there are 4 or 5 articles I recommend you read ASAP when filing for SSA Benefits.

Ic did fail to follow through with getting on that law site due to my absence I just have to start over again and as long as I can get online 3X a week I will be in.

I just wanted you to know  I was still alive but had to de    al with the pressing issues in my treatment and as soon as my wife goes permanent at her new job with 6 months as a temporary employee I must remain on this $$$$$$ draining Medicare plan.

Still with you Dear


I go see the  doctor tomorrow morning at 8 am. I may have told you; not sure about the day I seen him he told me the frozen shoulder is not from work ! I told him straight up as I was pointing to my shoulder, I know for a fact this is due from my work !!!
He is a number 1 .......I won't say. I must see him though for now, then I will seek an out of town Ortho doc.
I appreciate you trying to help me, and all the trouble you went through too. I will be waiting for more info....MY CONCLUSION of my MRI without contrast is:
Hypertrophic change acromioclavicular joint with minimal
impingement supraspinatus musculotendinous junction.
Supraspinatus tendinosis.
Very small joint effusion.
I think my attorney is component, he is an elderly gentlemen, and has helped me already with moving things along. waiting to hear from SSI in the mean time I have to borrow money from family and friends to help with all my bills, and I am sick to say the least.

Bug I am sorry I have not replied back until now... My Attorney advised me to stay off of this site,as the opposing Lawyer may use something on here against me.I will say this though, I did have my deposition on the 29th of January,and still not heard anything as of yet.I am sorry you are having to go through all of this bull. I would love to read what you have,that may help me. You are more than welcome to email me... Not sure how I can go about that though without posting it on here,unless they have a way on here to private message you.. Please let me know how to go about it.. I am interested in talking to you,and to tell you what they have prescribed me,and what they found out about my neck..

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