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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(12-30-2017, 04:08 PM)tinainky Wrote:
(12-30-2017, 04:06 PM)Tinainky, Wrote: Tinainky
Boy that Dr you went to see appears to be a real bum to be nice about him. Injuries to other have 
absolutely NOTHING TO DO how your work effected your injury, or even the causation of it?? This Dr doesn't seem to be much help to you to show causation let alone a work injury at all. All that said it is up to the ALJ to determine causation but a Drs support would be helpful. I was looking into your states law and to get to the section I need to see I have to become a member of the site to get there. So I signed up but must wait for a determination to see if I am accepted. I will say this the proceedings has a freaking form to file for everything. ALL I was seeking was if your state had same rule as NJ which is in NJ all work must do is contribute 1% towards your condition to be a full work injury.

Please don't get down over that party as that is so small compared to what you are up against right now. Forcing you to work is a tactic the ins company uses to establish you are not totally disabled due to this injury which is still not out of the question. If your pain gets unbearable you MUST stop as this is your body telling you or a better way to put this its your body's way of WARNING YOU TO STOP. Your health is most important right now.
The good news is you seem to be pass the 1st hurdle and on your way to a hearing, but you are going to need an experienced WC specialist to represent you, as you need someone who knows all the tricks of this trade, as swell has some connections within the system as @WC is very political and thats unfortunate.

Once I get accepted into the law library then I will have more exact answers for you. I believe you and thats why I am stepping away from my field of expertise (NJWC) just to see if I can help you in any real way. I would begin asking around to other injured workers to see if they were happy with their lawyers work. Ask your family lawyer for a referral, and Call the State BAR once you have a name to check out there credentials as you will find out how long they held a licence in Ky, as well as all fields of expertise they may have. Experience counts in a case like yours. Try to remain relaxed if you can. I've worked on much more messed up situations and we came out on top. The lawyer you hire is the most important contribution you will make to your case so make it count or it will haunt you.


Ps Please update me on your latest  

tinainkyDec 20th 2017, received a letter from Ky labor cabinet. An application for resolution was filed. A benefit review has been assigned before a Judge on 04/12/2018.
It says within 45 days. Defendents shall file a claim denial or acceptance (form 111). If no Form 111 is filed; all allegations of the application shall be deemed admitted.
If denied I go to court with my Attorney in April.  Lets just hope they do what is right !! I was injured on the job, from the job, and will fight this until my dying day !

Dec 26th 2017, I  had my MRI. I am now waiting on the results, and will know when I go see ortho doc on Jan 3,2018.....

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