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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(12-10-2017, 11:57 AM)California_Help Wrote:
(12-08-2017, 12:33 PM)tinainky Wrote: This whole workmen's comp thing is driving me bonkers !!!
NONE of this should have been this way, if my employer admitted that this injury was in fact an oncoming injury due to lifting over 12,000 pounds per day, and sometimes up to 25,000 # when palletizing five to six days per week !!
Between filing, seeing Doctor's one right after another, seeking an attorney, denial letters, follow ups, signing up for SSI, food stamps, trying to keep my head above water, is about to get the best of me...I guess that is how companies roll....Why the government lets them get away with denying it ,is beyond me !!
I think it is all a fraud....every bit of it !! No person should be denied. The company is the one who should be fighting to deny it.     Not me !!!  If that makes any sense... I should be given what is due to me, then let them use their attorney to fight it !!! Jeeze... The law needs to change. This is outright ridiculous !!!

You can ask your attorney if he recommends you follow up your conversations with your employer in writing by sending a letter to your employer about your attempt to return to work with restrictions, who you spoke with and the date and state again you would like to return to work under restrictions. Keep a copy. I like doing things in writing. FMLA protects your job for 3 months, not 12. Every state has different rules but there are also federal ADA laws, not sure if your injury or employer falls under this. You can contact an employment attorney to check if what they are doing is legal. Keep a log of what happens and make a paper trail with letters to your employer and send certified mail return receipt.
I write every call I have make to work, and left messages down in a spiral ledger. I have to fill out SSI papers tomorrow and talk with the attorney. I was denied working two weeks ago under light duty at my job. She bluntly told me you must be 100% able to do your job with a written statement from your doctor stating you can come back to work !
Hell I have not even had an MRI yet. My injury was from Aug 17,2017... The doctor here in Ky failed to mail the insurance company my x-ray that was taken that day.
They want nothing to do with working with a comp claim, that's it in a nut shell...
The Fmla May expire in 3 months I am not sure, but I will pursue this claim until my dying day, if must be !! They have caused me a physical, mental, and financial strain, from which I hold them accountable for !

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