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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(11-13-2017, 06:50 PM)bugmann Wrote:
(11-12-2017, 12:02 PM)tinainky Wrote:
(11-07-2017, 01:07 PM)tinainky Wrote: Tinainky,

you may bde able to get help at your local municipality BLDG. Call them and ask if they have a township assistance program. Usually if available this person will be in this BLDG 1 day a week. They offer assistance to those who live within the local area. When I applied in the early 90's I got free medical and a script plan to die for. 2$ generics and 5$ name brand as well as a few hundred bucks to help get by on. Now in NJ a 1 bed apt was 650.00 back then so dont expect this benefit paid for by local taxes to pay all your bills but I was surprised how little $$ I was able to live on while my case was dragged out. The ins co has much $$ they know you will run out I call this the squeeze play  and its so unfair for them to have this power over the IW.

It looks like you must take the pro active stand with your healthcare even WC.  EVeryone has to answer to someone. I wish I had time to look up your answers but my wife lowst her job and our health ins ends on the last day of this month. I'm hoping my Dr will allow my pain meds to be filled on the 30th instead of the 1st of Dec as this cost 1350.00 in generic that will give me an extra month to inform the health ins commissioner of my state of my ins change Cobra is 2800.00 a month so thats no option besides they dont pay for any medical bills labs, Drs etc... and fighting an incurable form of Leukemia the only way I stay alive is treatments and regular lab work.Once Im back on  my feet I will return so you keep after what is yours!!!

Hello Bugman,
I am sorry you are having to deal with all of the Insurance BS while you are sick. That has to be very stressful. I will say a prayer for you and your wife. I hope things work out for you . You have so much to deal with. You must be one strong Guy !!! Prayers.

UPDATE: NOV 7th,2017.
I went to my general Dr yesterday, she was reapplying for my MRI and sending the x-ray with it this time. I have yet to hear from My works WC  insurance. Thinking I will call them today ...my short term runs out on Nov 14th. I have  calls to make .... Lord this is getting to be a pain in my rear....
Thank you for the info Bugmann... I am still working on getting this matter resolved on my own... I need to get something accomplished fast though. Where it goes from here I do not know... I will keep you updated.
Have a good day !
Nov 11th,2017
I called insurance carrier WC office left two messages no reply back yet, although the office could have been closed due to the Veteran's holiday.
My short term is ending this week, I called them and said this week will be my final check. I am so distraught !! How am I suppose to make it with NO income. I am so aggravated with my company for not doing what was the right thing to do in the first place. I pray that it will all work out, my arm will get well, and I will be able to return to work soon. I am in a hell of a fix ! I just hope wc insurance company  will step up and do what's legally right.

NOV 14,2017
I called the plant nurse where I work,and told her short term ends today. She told me any qustions I have has to be directed to WC now... More or less she is not saying a word !! She acts scared to death to speak to me. Why who knows...I guess Because I upset the apple cart.... Now they are upsetting mine !
I receive one more check next Monday, then BAM short-term has ended... I did tell her that we should have started that insurance to start with... NO reply other than all questions are be directed to the WC carrier.... Lord help me, why are people so ... I best not say... Dishonest maybe.... or... You know.....

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