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Employer avoiding using workmans comp
(10-23-2017, 08:36 AM)tinainky Wrote: GREAT JOB tinainky,  OH I get it Tina In KY. That happens with age and over thinking Sad . I agree this would have been easier had this been done at the beginning and the State knows why the employer didnt do it the proper way. Whatever the outcome ask around to those you trust if they were hurt at work or know someone hurt at work and they were happy with their lawyer word of mouth is the best source, 2nd is calling your family lawyer to get a referral as all lawyers know of each other and their respected expertise.  Once you have a name or firm call the state bar to get their record of service, like years of practicing, fields of expertise, and they should have No disciplinary action on record. Some states permit online access to court dockets, one was called docket ini a pocket but in Pa it was shut off due to privacy issues but your state may be more lean on that issue. NEVER HIRE ANY LAWYER WHO ADVERTISES HEAVY LIKE FULL PAGE AD IN PHONE BOOK OR ON A PUBLIC BUS BILLBOARD as they are hurtin for biz a great lawyer will not advertise nor do they return phone calls but always be pleasant as you have been here and see if you can get the secretary to ask your questions for you then call back for answer thats what worked for me. WE ALL WISH YOU THE VERY BEST and if you need an extra pair of eyes looking for law answers just ask and I will use some contacts I know and do some looking myself. I belong to several law groups and the chatter never stops!! We are all here fr you, and I apologize for jumping in so late 


UPDATE: The KY labor board called my company. The nurse then called me and gave me the number to their insurance carrier for workman's comp. I called and gave them all the information, signed medical release forms, and faxed them back. The insurance carrier told me to continue my therapy, and also continue with my doctors appointments.
They will review the findings and get back to me. She told me it would have been much easier if they had done this from the beginning, but we will work through it ! Just waiting to hear back from the insurance now..
The nurse, I am sure is upset with me, but hell' what is right is right, she should have done that to start with...I will keep you updated on the outcome.

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RE: Employer avoiding using workmans comp - bugmann - 11-04-2017, 05:31 PM

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