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LTL Picker for XPO (Forklift Operator) Logistics in Stockton with many Questions
Thanks again for the responses, they are appreciated. I received a notice in August stating that since i could not return back to work, that i was elighost oble for PD. The insurance carrier was waiting to receieve a report from my Dr. Before processing the paperwork. That was in August. If they sent me that paperwork indicating their intentions to make PD benefits available to me, can they then deny them or with old them?

Also is there any reason why my attorney would not want me to start receiving PD benefits because I have been requesting them to call my adjuster and as far as I know they have not yet done so.

These vouchers you speak of, if I am represented do I have to go through my attorney to receive them or should I speak to them about it first?

Also I am still awaiting my Consultative Rating, do you know what that is and are they asking me to settle because they dont want me to wait until it comes in?

Can they disagree with the Almarez/Guzman rating increase my AME Dr. assigned me and successfully lower my settlement total if I continue to DOR, or will I likely get a better settlement offer at the Mandatory Conference before hand?

(10-08-2017, 11:49 AM)California_Help
[quote='XPOLogisticsPIToperator77 Wrote:
Ok I just received a C&R settlement for $12,500. In it it explains that per my AME I have a PD between 4%-11% for my lumbar spine, which is a dollar amount they claim of $3,480.00 -$9,932.50 . (My WPI was set at 20% by my AME. They stated that they did not agree witg my AME Dr.s Alvarez/Guzman assessment used to increase my rating.

I am attempting to reach my attorney which is hard to do on a weekday and impossible on a weekend, but I am planning to not take the settlement. However i would like to know if im making the right decision. I have not receievd any PD payments yet and my TD ran out in July when I was declared PS. money is really tight but i have to stay the course. They gave me 10 days to respond or they would request a DOR to activate the case. What does that mean and should they have started my PD payments already? Are they purposely withholding them to get me to accept the settlement? Should I file myself? They sent me a message in Sept saying that they were preparing them for me but so far nothing

As I wrote above new CA rules state the insurance carrier no longer has to give PD payments until case has settled.
1171 wrote your attorney can make a request.

If you are in a financial bind and have not applied for CA state disability through EDD (link above) if cannot work due to your medical condition.

If you have been rated and deemed P&S and can work with restrictions you should attempt to ask your employer if you can return to work. If they do not allow it you can apply for the two vouchers I wrote about above. One is 6 grand for school, but some of it can be used for other things like $1,500 for computer. The other voucher is a check for 5 grand and you can use it for anything.

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