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Co Workers/Workers Comp.
Since my accident in June at work, (I have not been able to work since June) all communication from my co workers (who I thought were my FRIENDS...we go out together, know each others' families, etc.) have come to an abrupt STOP. They won't return my calls or texts...they haven't contacted me to ask if I am okay...I received a bouquet of flowers in the hospital from administration, then NOTHING. Do employers make employees barr all contact with co workers in cases where they have had an injury at work and are receiving WC? It sure wasn't personal...I didn't MEAN to hurt myself and be unable to move my leg and depend on my children to help me get around. Seriously, do employers barr all contact between employees during WC cases? I truly am interested to know this. Thanks.
In the U S There is no one that speaks for every employer, but there has probably been one employer somewhere at some time who tried.
but If you were that employer, How would you enforce it? How would you find out or stop someone from saying "hi, how are you?
if a "ban" can't be enforced its basically meaningless. the employees have to want to comply to make it work.
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........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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