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WV thoracic injury with no credit on IME
Hello, I am a newbie.  Just joined today.  I unfortunately have exhausted the first hearing, the office of the judges, and then the second workers comp hearing with no luck.  I had one good IME with a 22% rating.  The other 2 from the insurance company were 0%.  I have one last chance with the supreme court.  I can't find anything in the WV code that accounts for a thoracic injury.  I fractured posterior ribs 4-7 and have constant pain in my neck and ribs which is excruciating with upper body activity.  I have tingling, in my arm and burning, etc.  Any help out there?
What information do you need?
I assume you are represented by an experienced work comp atty.
What,s happened during settlement negotiations?
You were given a rating so thoracic is ratable - usually as part of spine..
See 85csr20
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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