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Fell down at work (NY) - please help with workers comp questions
An unfortunate incident happened to me this morning. When I arrived in the office, I fell down at the lobby on the way to my workplace. I am not sure what exactly caused me to fall down: the floor wasn't wet and I don't think I tripped or anything. I fell down and passed out (not sure if I passed out or fell first). 

By the time I became conscious again, the people around me called security. Security helped me get up and sit, called an ambulance and an office nurse, then escorted me to the nurse's office. I said I didn't need an ambulance, so they cancelled it. The nurse put a bandage on my chin (I fell on it and it was bloody). Then I went to an urgent care clinic and the doctor there put stitches on it. 

The nurse in the office gave me a form which mentioned workers compensation insurance, had the insurance provider details and asked for the information about the incident. I filled it out and sent to my boss. 

I have an office job with a large company based in New York. I don't fall down or pass out regularly. Not aware of any conditions that could cause something like that, but then I rarely see doctors. 

My chin still hurts, and I still have a headache about 12 hours after the incident. 

I've never claimed workers comp, so not sure what I may be entitled to and what I should to next:

-While the incident happened in the office building, I was technically still on my way to work, wearing a coat. Does it make me ineligible to receive workers compensation?

-If I am eligible, what can I get potentially? Diagnostics/treatment of injury compensated? Any additional benefits? I'll probably take a sick leave for the next day or two and come back to work if I feel better. I have regular health insurance, but it's a high deductible plan which is not very good. 

-If health issues arise later on (for example, if I had a concussion which could lead to issues preventing me from doing intellectual, office-based work), can I make additional claims later? 

-What is the best course of action for me? I'm still quite shocked from what happened. Do I need to file for workers comp now or wait for the reply from the company's workers comp insurance provider if/when my boss submits the details I provided? 

Any advice is highly appreciated.
is the lobby part of your employers premises?
information on NY comp benefits:
depends on how much later, there are time limits for filing claims
if there is a claim already opened by the employer, you don't need to file again.
Signature/Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
You're welcome; glad I could help.
Signature/Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
Thanks 1171, yes, it's part of the premises
Generally injuries to workers that occur on employer controlled property are eligible for work comp benefits.
Exclusion from comp coverage while commuting would end once you entered employers property.
Signature/Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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