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Workers Comp Lawyer
you should start your own thread with a different topic so as not to confuse those searching.
you can appeal the denials at your states work comp board. you may wish to obtain legal representation to help.
many states have attys that specialize in work comp law.
when you do start a separate thread please include the state as the comp laws are different in each.
There is a search button here, you will find several of us have posted on the subject
it's best to start your own thread, especially on something specific like CRPS/RSD
You need to find a GOOD pain management program
Post your state in your new thread please
LOL, I missed your post 1171. Sorry.
The advice is now twice as good.
I hear an echo.
You can play games on the off topic board
If you,ve got nothing helpful to post, move on...

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