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Ear surgeries
My name is Sarah and I have had 10 ear surgeries. 9 of them were tubes in my ears and 1 was rebuilding my left ear drum. Now I went to the doctor today and he took my tube out of my right ear because he don't want the hole to get bigger from it. However i go back in 3 months to find out if I'm going to need a patch on it. I want to know if the tubes are causing me to have more surgeries on my ear. I am so tired of ear surgeries. History repeats itself and I do not want to go through having my left ear drum rebuilt again or my right ear drum being rebuilt the first time.
you need a medical information blog or website like webmd or merck.
for detailed diagnosis and possible options ask your doctor to arrange for second opinion or contact your insurance carrier and request a consultation from another specialist.
this site is specifically about work injury insurance coverage issues.
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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