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on call employee-possilbe injury -lost time
i'm a newly hired on call nurse. i think i was exposed to infectious disease during patient care and currently off work. 
i'm vaccinated to this disease and test has been done but i was asked to stay off work until further notice (at least 3 weeks of incubation period is over)
WC has been filed but it may or may not be accepted. 
I dont have any accrued time of since i'm a new hire and an on call employee. 
who will pay my 3 weeks of lost time?
some states have disability insurance programs for non-work conditions.
some employees have purchased income protection policies to cover medical conditions that reduce earnings.
some employees have neither alternative available.
you didn't post your state and without more information your options are unknown.
in any event since you are "on-call" and without much wage history, there might be a problem verifying the amount of wages that you would be losing.
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know which state the claim was filed in to provide accurate information.........

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