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Well the games have begun about injections
Sithie...Sorry girl...This makes me just firing MAD! When is enough ENOUGH! What are they going to do with you after 5:00pm if you are not feeling well just push you out the door all ALONE! When I had the injections done...I was just like the others had instructions that I had to have driver and some one with me for several hours afterwards at home with me. So after you have the procedure they are going to have you sit there..then drive you and leave you at a airport...to fly back home. No place to rest...what are you to do if you have trouble as soon as you get home...you live in a very small town..that is most likely not able to care for a spinal link if you end up with one...so I guess they put you back on a plane and fly you back to the specialist that you need. Why in the world are they not putting you up in a hotel with your husband for the night...and then fly you out the next morning...that would just make a whole alot more sence. I pray you have no problems....Oh I am just so mad... I just can't believe that they could do this. Please make sure you call the Dr.s office yourself and confirm the IC did call and they DOCTOR is APPROVING this. All I can think is how excited you were to get the treatmet....so now the IC is going to play these stupid games. I wouldn't be so concerned if you were going to be close to the clinic that is going to be doing the injections...but you are NOT. Make sure your attorney understands these are not just general injections that people get for joint pain...they are right next to your spinal cord...and sometimes people have spinal cord linkage...you could lose your control of bowel and bladder...with where your injections are going to be given. Some Dr.'s as mine did use sedation prior to giving the injection. I know I don't have to tell you. You have done the resreach...but you should not be alone that far away. NO WAY!
Oh Sithie that really pisses me off. Do as others have stated and call Doc's office and atty. Everytime I have had an epidural or a nerve block I was NOT allowed to be alone...HAD to have a driver or they would not even do the procedure. They wanted to meet the driver first and then wheeled me tothe vehicle in a wheelchair, probably to cut down on their liability if for no other reason. If you can afford it you really need hubby to go with you. I hate to see you drive but if you do I would get a room overnight for a ouple of reasons. Number one the drive home will make you a little more sore than normal and number two if there is a problem you will be close to he clinic.

I think you need to be reall adamant with either the doctor or the doc's staff that not only will you have to sit in their office until 5 pm that you will then have to negotiate a rather large airport alone and sit another few hours waiting for your flight. I would think the docs office could be held responsible if something were to go wrong and they know all of this information. Just my .02 but keep fighting for what you need and deserve!
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Absolutly. Anything can go wrong. I would plan on taking someone with me anyways and keep the receipt to fight to be reimbursed. For your own safety i would do this. Get the hotel close to the clinic or within a few mins drive if you have troubles. Then leave the next morning. You may need the doctor to sign a form stateing that there was suppose to be someone with you to drive or watch you for so many hours after the procedure. Or a copy of the paper you sign before the procedure that states you will need a ride home etc. It would be great to ask for a copy of that paperwork. Get that in writing if you can to bring home with you to your lawyer. I wish you the best.
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My question is WHAT KIND OF HOSPITAL WOULD LET YOU GO THROUGH THAT ALONE? I can't believe what I am reading here. I am pissed off myself!! I had an injection I went to a clinic about 20 miles from my home I felt I could drive myself but they flat out refused to treat me if I came alone. Once I got there I saw why. I had to have an IV started, they put you in a fetal position and they give you a spinal tap basicly. It was not painful because they had given me a shot for pain so I didn't feel a thing. but on the ride home it was a little bit uncomfortable because the meds had begun to wear off. Any thing could go wrong!!!!!! my God these people are sticking you in your spine.... What kind of heartless people are they?? I am so angry I guess I better stop here before I say something that will get me booted. You take care of yourself girl and just know I am praying that something changes in your favor.


Sithie...rholmes took care of thiengs for me. I am so angry that any facility would allow this. The heck with the IC the facility if they know all of this are allowing it. I had injections in the back years ago. I think what you're having done is more serious, i wasn't allowed to leave alone. They made my driver sign a paper that they were taking me home. All of my paperwork said to rest quietly for 24 hours and preferably have another adult with me for the first 24 hours. OMG ! With what thye are putting you through , you'll be lucky to be home in 24 hours. And they expect this shot to work. Sithie , please fight them all you can. Prayers are with you to find a way to straighten this out.

Don't forget when I had a tranport service take me to my IME last week first they said hubby could go, then it was NO, then minutes before I was being picked up they called and said yes. It was too late and hubby had gone out. They like to play. Please don't let them. I'm sorry I did. I am still hurting from the ordeal.

I am soooo sorry, and also soooo Pissed off for you! I cannot understand ...since when is anyone's health, not a concern because of money? Even if one doesn't have insurance ...they still must treat you properly! How can the WC/IC have you sit there for hours after such a procedure...until whatever medical effects wear off? They will give you instructions to follow I'm sure....groggy from drugs, how can you understand what they tell you ? Cheap (Jayne's lame attempt to bypass the Bad Word Filter) bast**** they are! When is this going to stop or become illegal for IC to jeopardize a person's well being? Hopefully Timothy Belt will have some comments on this "attack on you"! This is truly a travesty IMO.
Take care Sithie....this too shall pass. But , boy, the worry and stress in the meantime is awful! You are in my prayers girl, and there you shall stay!
((((gentle hugs)))) LillySmile
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I had a spinal injection three days ago. After the procedure a nurse stays one-on-one with the patient until the patient is released and the patient is transported in a wheel chair to their vehicle.
Like the others the center requested I have a driver.

These are the post procedure instructions I recieved for my injection.
1. Rest today, resume regular activities tomorrow as tolerated.
2. Fall precautions
3. Resume your regular diet.
4. Resume medications.
5. You may have increased disconfort in your back & legs.
6. It is not uncommon to have soreness at the site of injection for3-4 days.
7. Leave the dressing on until tomorrow.
8. You may apply ice for 20 minutes 3 times a day.

Call you physican if:
bleeding or unexpected drainage.
Extreme redness or swelling at the injection site.

Is there a web site for the facility where you are having the procedure preformed? If so they may have patient policies posted on line.
I am with the others. I find this outrageous! Not only the i/a, but the place you are having it done. You should not have to go through all of this and you definately shouldn't have to sit in the hospital and then the airport, especially by yourself! Sometimes I think this whole world has gone crazy!
Hi Sithie, I'm Sorry for what You are going through. What I can't understand is, why isn't a Referral being done for You to have Your injections closer to Home? For the Life of Me I can't see having to fly anywhere, when there are competent Centers everywhere that You can be Referred to!!! I can't remember, Sorry, if You have Counsel, but You should be able to have this close to Home, there is no Valid excuse to make You Travel!! Have You checked into this? I sure wish You would, they are putting way tooo much undo Stress on You to have this Procedure done, and that isn't allowed!! I Hope You can check on this, and Good Luck!!Wink
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