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Americas biggest embarassment
So 1171 that boy Obama of yours,still think he is the greatest thing since disposable kotex? ISIS is blowing up the free world 95 out off 100 of those poor poor homeless refugees are fighting age grown me (why cant they fight their own damn battles. and why are they leaving their women and children behind ). And you cant buy an insurance policy if you work for a living and still eat and have a roof over your head? where or where did we go wrong? And SS didnt get a raise but cost of living damn sure went up. Now Gas did come down but I cant figure out if that is because we cant afford the insurance on a car so we dont go anywhere or if Obama is so full of gas we dont need to buy it from anywhere else.....So again I ask are you still thinking you voted for the right person?
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

hard to believe one black man could accomplish all that.
he sure is powerful.
he must be responsible for global warming too
and don't forget abortions--he's president and that must be his fault.
and all the shootings at schools--
Obama put them up to it.
damn that man is everywhere causin' trouble.
but the good thing is
all of it will stop the day after he leaves office

and everyone lives happily ever after.
what a nice bedtime story for those that think like children.
you can sleep peacefully then Jayne.

what a pretty world you live in
don't ever wake up.
you won't like the real one.

(I'm sorry you were expecting free health insurance, and didn't get it--that must mean the whole care act was a failure in your eyes--you are so greedy!
can't you be happy for the millions that now have insurance that never had it before?)

I guess you are having a bad pain day and decided to let some rancorous bile out...
glad we could oblige....

Happy Thankxgiving to you and your family.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
"one black man" lets let go off the fact he is half black,so is my daughter and she isnt blamed for everything that go wrong or right in our family. we were having abortions and shootings before he became president so nope cant blame him for that either. And no it wont stop when he leaves if the new Presidents people are like obamas people the first 6 years in office will be blamed on you guessed it Obama. I havent slept peacefully since my accident and no that isnt his fault. His fault is his affordable health care it isnt very affordable I am paying twice what I was with half the coverage. My daughter is so damn happy with hers tho she works for Wal mart. Her health insurance is almost 600 a month with a 5,000 dollar deductable.I cant find anything awesome in that at all. However one of her coworkers got Pregnant and had to quit work so Sooner care would pick up the tab on her baby she couldnt work the 36 hrs a week and afford insurance and eat. Every day is a bad pain day. But I dont fear anyone 1171 I live in Oklahoma I am allowed by law to carry my pistol in the open on my hip if I please. So tell me my friend for truth do you think he did a good job as president? I dont think anyone can do all they say when they go for that job cuz they just dont know that job till they are sitting in that office. But Thank God he will soon be out collecting millions of dollars in speaking fees. My only thought for him is who is gonna pick up the tab for his multi million dollar vacations once he is no longer presdident.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I think he did great.
He tried to improve the immigration situation but was stymied by the republicans.
did good on the health care,
militarily I was hoping he would pull all our troops out and close Guantanamo but at least he didn't get sucked it to putting more in and we are out of Iraq.
he avoided the major scandals that plague many administrations.
he did some wall street reform and passed some economic stimulus that mitigated the great financial crash.
he stopped the torture and best of all got a nuclear deal with Iran.
I think he moved us farther from coal and fossil fuel usage and more toward renewable energy.
He's reopening relations with Cuba which is long overdue.
He's shown up Russia/Putin to be a world class bully and a corrupt failing state

I don't believe republicans in your state allowed Medicare to be extended. so many states have had much poorer results in getting affordable insurance to it citizens. Please move to a democratic state and get the help you deserve.
given the congressional gridlock I think the accomplishments are remarkable.

his wealth is so much less then any of the Bush presidents I wouldn't begrudge him a long visit to Hawaii to visit his relatives after he leaves office.

I think the US has earned greater respect now among the citizens of the world than before Obama was elected.

If you choose to carry a gun, then you fear everyone all the time........

I think you listen to too many that tell you to be afraid and to be angry. you should turn them off for awhile and listen to what makes you feel good about what's around you. let the crazies get angry and scream and yell; you should make time for the better things.
Be well.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
I want some of what you are smoking.I dont carry because I am scared I carry because their are to many people out there that thinks they are intitled to what worked for.They are not getting it period.We try and put in a big garden2-3 times what we need for fresh, canned and frozen eating for the year. What we dont need is given away not sold. In the late summer and fall I can hundreds of pints and quarts of fruit and veggies. This year I just couldnt do it. We will work on putting in raised beds this winter so its easier for me to plant weed pick and can. I have turkeys and chickens up the wazoo and no I dont butcher all of the roosters cuz like some men worthless but pretty to look at. I dont wanna fuss with you we are both to stubborn for our own good. I would like to sit a spell and drink some hot yard tea (mennonites all grow lots of mint so we can pick and have fresh tea so its called yard tea cuz we go into the yard and pick what we need. My Carrie will enlist into the Airforce in May,the following year my Daniel will be going off to collage to study math and science. Hopefully that is when our middle daughters husband retires and they will come home and take over the farm and we can spend the winters some place warm. If possable I would love to spend 4 months in Africa we have several orphanages there and I would love to work with the babies I may not be able to give em lots of money but I can rock and love the babies.We still will have one at home but she and her sister get along well and Shae can live in the cabin the church built for my parents. Sorry I am rambling it is a very pain filled night ol man winter is here
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

i think I understand.
when you live in "survival Mode" for prolonged periods of time it's difficult to see the bigger picture.
everything automatically gets labeled as "threat" or "no threat" and you don't have time for fine distinctions.
flee or fight is the instinctual response. you don't have the luxury of trying to stand in their shoes or understand what motivates others. but you do deserve to know that your view of the world and how/why things are the way they is very limited and should not be taken as more then it is.
the view by a person at the top of a tree and one from a hole in the ground is vastly different and each should recognize where their viewing limits are-- and when they need to change.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
we gotta do better than this old friend. From the beginning of time there has been crime(many men believe woman committed the first sin by eating from the tree of life) I do my best to set them straight and let them know The Devil was a fallen angel a male angel to boot. I will admit "survival mode" has had me in its grip for that last 2 weeks. Over and over we were told "stay away from big crowds,Dont speak American when in the mass transit system or shopping in the stores" We spoke in an Irish accent when we were out it was a fun thing to do and took some of the fear away. Where I worked off base I always parked my car near the guard/parking fee area and payed him a carton of American cigs for him watching my car. Our childrens school busses had armed guards on them. Just when I think I can forget about it and not be such a chicken in crowds something like Paris happens. Alot of wives and mothers have the same problem but when they go to the Dr we are told "Its time for your period" or ahhh its just nerves heres some Zanaxx I love my farm as we are far enough from neighbors to feel in the open but close enough to watch over each other. I am pro military anyone who isnt should spend a little time in a country where you are not free to worship if you please or not to if you please. Where you can be your own person ( within limits) freely. I am doing my best to raise young men and women who while they love their family know that they may be called up to leave within 24 hrs to get to the place in the war we are told to go.. 1171 I am no longer afraid for myself but if it came down to my kids this world scares me to death.So yes I am a gun owner,yes I know my gun,my kids know theirs. Daniel and Carrie can also bow hunt while Shae is learning. We can and will protect our families and the United States.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

for me the biggest threat is from those that own guns.
you never know if the crazy driver with road rage is an out of control gun-carrying gun owner.
I'd much rather he get mad and throw a rock; but there's not much of that anymore-- guns are easier to get.
they may say they are buying it for protection but far more often it gets used in anger or in a crime.

citizens of oklahoma have more to fear from gun-owning, gun-toting "patriots" like Timothy McVeigh then any Muslim immigrant.
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
Timothy didnt use a gun he used cow kaka and chemicals. I am not afraid of Muslims and no one with a brain should be if they are true Muslims they are peaceful in fact they teach peach and love just as Christians do.We have idiots everywhere who just like to kill,main and strike fear into others. They are idiots and come in all colors the only things my guns have killed is "big round bales of hay" with a target on them oh and snakes for some reason my husband has a deep seated fear of snakes and believes the only good snake is a dead one. Its taken 24 years here on our farm to mellow him out he has studied along with the kids all the snakes of Okla and which will hurt you and which will make you hurt yourself trying to flee from it. I dont wanna fuss with you 1171 I want you to respect my right to have an opinion that may be different than yours and to let me live where and how I am comfortable. Come on down to Oklahoma 1171 I promise not to shoot you and to protect you from snakes. We were brought up different,we lived different lives but both ended up here a long time ago. Now Road rage Lord God have mercy several years ago when we had a get together in Pa. we were driving thru Philly these grown people hanging out their windows yelling and screaming and flipping people off going down the freeway! Mercy I told Red about it and she laughed at me,I guess it happens alot there in the bigger cities scary as hell let me tell you I promised my Husband never never never to ask him to drive me thru that "city of brotherly love" its late have a good turkey day and if you have a neighbor that is alone or in bad health take em a plate on thanksgiving. We live in a place that should have no hunger.
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hi Jayne and 1171.

My family owns a small business with less than 20 employees. It is tough to find health coverage we can afford for employees. The deductible is $9,000. per family. Just this morning I was on the phone with the pharmacy, the insurance company doesn't want to pay for the medication my son needs for breathing treatment. They want to substitute the medication for something different, a medication that will not work for him. Same with the seizure meds, the name brand meds will control the seizures, the generic will not. Insurance will only pay for generic meds.

I am use to the battles having parented a medically fragile for eleven years. Just before she died we paid $2,000. for medical insurance a month. That was 1995.

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