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Replacing SCS
The doctor puts the stimulator in, not the rep. The rep only monitors it.
Is this your first stimulator
Are you having problems with the whole stimulator are just the battery because if it just the battery they will only change the battery out.
When your asking if they are having a problem with the whole stim or just the battery I don't think they can change just the battery. It would be the generator part and not just the battery.
Well, good news so far.... the psych doctor is giving me the green light for the SCS.. he was either faxing the report on Friday or tomorrow... Now we count down the time it takes the Insurance Carrier to give the go ahead to schedule the trial.....
I'm glad to hear that.

I was just wondering, why is a psych. giving you the green light? seems too me, that a psych has nothing to do with a scs. That is something that would be recommended by your PTP, and approved by the IC. If not, you would go to either an AME or PQME.


From what I was told, it's to make sure your mind is sound, not crazy, not afraid to have the wires coming out of your back...
As I told him, I dealt with a TENS unit for almost a year until I hit the highest number on it and it didn't do crap for me... But it was weird he asked me how I felt when my parents got divorced... back in 1971... umm how am I suppose to know that???
Then asked how my relationship was with my hubby and how long we have been together...
how my relationship with my kids was....
What was I able to do before the injury... ummm everything??
What did I have to give up after the injury.. umm everything??
He asked if I was prescribed pain medication... yes... why wasn't I still taking it.... cause it doesn't work and I HATE popping pills and the side affects from taking all of them.
He also wanted to know what I hoped to gain with the SCS... at least part of my life back?? Go on nature hikes and walks with my hubby, ride a bike again without my back cramping, etc..

My PM dr. said that all Insurance Carrier's request this to be done and they can't order the trail until you see a psych dr. and get a green light...
My PM dr. said that all Insurance Carrier's request this to be done and they can't order the trail until you see a psych dr. and get a green light...

That's the first I've ever Heard of that.

A psych has no knowledge of a scs. or if it would reduce pain. He is not trained in spinal surgeries of any kind. And to say that it is the decision of the psych, is B.S. As someone who's been through this for many years, I would be pissed if my psych ( and I do see one) had any say in whether it would benefit me or not. that's between you and your doctor, and if denied, you go to the ame/pqme to resolve.

I would be careful having my psych comment on scs. As they have no training in this area.

I know the laws have changed, and i don't believe that you can use the ame/pqme process, I think this has been replaced by the IMR.

Have to check with 1171 to confirm.

Also, I am a junior member, and only know what I know, anything else will have too be addressed to 1171, or someone that knows more than I. (And that's not alot)
I had to go to see a psych first too.
In Md where I live, it's the law. I argued the whole way, but in the end, the lawyer said I had to go.

Just another way to waste more money.
Good too know. This is why we have these discussions. I;m in California, we don't have to see a psych but others that read this, will know that not all states have the same laws.

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