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Database Error = Lost posts
We experienced a database migration error on Friday afternoon that resulted int he closing of this board for a few hours. All data has been restored, with the exception of any post made between approximately 12:30Pm and 2:00PM Friday. Those have been lost, and you will need to re post your questions. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
i'm noticing the site is a tad slower to load since the restoration.
my other sites are unchanged so I don't think it's on my end.
just an observation
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Interesting. We haven't seen that here, but we will watch for it. The underlying database that drives the system was moved to a different server. The old data server was in Minnesota, and the new one is in Las Vegas. It is a vastly more powerful machine, but network conditions may affect speed at times.
It's a problem on their website itself you will need for them to fix their database problem. Sometimes you can get an error like that if the website is so busy that it can't handle the load. If this is the case wait until a time when you think it might be less busy and then try again. Do my essay cheap uk

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