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MMI and rating by my Doctor Questions
I have a Rating of 40% in Prince Georges County Maryland for a Lumbar injury none surgical. I am in my third year with pain.

1 Under the guidelines in Maryland will this injury be considered Serious?

2 Under Maryland guidelines will my injury be PPD?

3 My doctors rated me permanent with return to work sedentary only.

4. How much time from the filing of my hearing will the actual hearing take place?
1 if your rating results in 250 or weeks then it would qualify as "serious" under 9-630

2 any impairment rating greater then 0 and less then 100% is considered permanent partial disability.

4 each commission location keeps a separate calendar, staff, and workload and your hearing date cannot be predicted in advance of when it is scheduled by your location or whether an objection, postponement, or rescheduling will be requested and granted.
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know which state the claim was filed in to provide accurate information.........

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