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ssdi heaing tomorow
The day is finally here, and with all I have been through I'm still nervous as all heck. I have a sit down with the attorneys this afternoon to go over a few things, nothing like them waiting till the last day.... Has anyone had to fight this far to get it...? Don't even know how to dress for this occasion. I think it will be in the most comfortable pants and just a plain shirt, what do you's think....
Good luck Bronco, will be saying prayers all goes well.

Be yourself and be honest. The judge looks at evidence, MRI, CT Scan, medical reports. Be sure to explain to the judge what your worst day is like if you get the chance.

My friend the injured nurse went to court for SSDI and she was denied which wasn't right as she has arachnoidites but the judge did not have all the medical evidence to rule in her favor. Her attorney ended up refilling which restarted the clock but the next time she won in court and had a nice little check in back pay. Since she won in court the judge back dated the award to the date she first applied for SSDI.

With me getting SSDI ..I wouldn't call it easy but I was notified I qualified 6 weeks after I applied and had a check 2 weeks later. Although I was facing a cancer diagnosis when I qualified and I believe I qualified under the compassionate allowance guidelines.

The medical review was done on me at seven years. that was the tough one, much harder than when I first qualified although I passed the review and continue to qualify for SSDI.
Had my hearing 3 years ago now but waited over 2 years to get it. Can tell you I was wreck thinking about it. Did it without a lawyer because I though work was suppose to provide one but no they didn't. So that made me even worry more about how it would go. But told me before I walked out I was getting my benefits. Will say a prayer for you because this is a very important day and hope all goes well.
I had done everything up till this process, As I explained to my attorney I will be at a loss for words, its a nervous reaction I have. He drilled me about how the judge will be asking questions about the care for Dominick during the day. As always I have nothing to hide as this was brought up during the wc case. It is noted that my oldest is a big help with Dominick and many days a week he watches him on high pain days when I cant get out of bed. The only thing that scares me is this is a new judge, and my attorney has never been before him. It will be done by video conference but I still have to go 75 miles south to do it. It will be another day my oldest has been there for me. My attorney offered for me to ride with him but he wasn't coming straight back until later that day.. Does any one hear what the average time this hearing will take.?
My wife's hearing was the longest one between the 2 of us and I would say hers was about an hour.
With saying you have nothing to hide that is a good thing because I think most have been doing this long enough to see thru people during these. I answered all the questions they had with the truth and I'm sure they could see that and why I walked out knowing I was getting my benefits. I wish you good luck and will be praying
I will say a prayer for you bronco,only person I know that went all the way to the Judge was Monster and she called me crying cuz they told her she had won. She was so relieved she just lost her composure for a bit.... Please let us know how it went...
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks gang, I didn't sleep much at all last night. I am a nervous wreck right now, my anxiety is kicking in because I know this judge has my life in his hands. I have been up since 5 am trying to calm my self down, my wife took Dominick with her today at work because she cant make this appointment being so early. I think this makes it worse because she has been at my side through every thing since my accident. She has not had a day off since Dominick was a month old. If I win today, she is putting her notice in and will work here locally. I thank you's for your replies and prayers, I should be back home around 1pm, I will update you all then.......Wish me luck...
Not only do we wish you luck we will keep you in our prayers. Hope they give you their answer before you leave the meeting
Well now I'm really sitting here wondering how it went. Hoping for the best
Sorry I didnt come on earlier, it was just a long day and a wheel bearing went out on the truck on our way home. We nursed it back and had to bring it to our mechanic, $350. later but its fixed. The hearing went well, considering I was so nervous. The judge allowed another factor to be used in the process of determination. Pulminary (spelling) because of my severe asthma, and left lung problem from injury.

It was interesting to watch the judge question the voc expert on what jobs were available for some one my age with my disabilities. There was 2 jobs the voc came up with....one was a routing clerk, and another was a toll booth attendant. Voc said there was like 10,000 jobs on both of these. Then the judge asked them to throw in the use of my cane at all times which dropped the number of jobs by 50%.. So this was 5,000 jobs available in the us....lol. My attorney then asked them to now consider only 4hrs per day with the allowment for some one to take 3 to 4 breaks and some times lay down, the voc then said there would not be a job for some one with these restrictions.

The judge was overall nice but professional, and allowed me to stand and move around when needed. He did however drilled me good when it came to the care for Dominick. At the end of the hearing when we went off record he said to me, it sounds like you have a wonderful older son that cares for his father and told me to thank him for driving me down there.

There was a lot more to the hearing, but it would be a book by the time I was done.. But over all my attorney thinks we did good, my lung condition will be a big help when considering my age.. I left without knowing the judges answer, he said he will make his decision and we should know in about 3 weeks..

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