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compensation for scarring
My situation may sound trivial compared to other posts I've read here, however I was wondering if anyone had an opinion relating to my current question. I was injured on the job, requiring surgery for hernia repair. The scar is only 3-4 inches long. I have a surgical scar along my bikini line, but this new one slants upwards along my abdomen. Even though it's considered a "covered" area, am I due any compensation for the permanent scar and loss of sensation in the groin area. It's been 3 months since my surgery. I've gone back to work, but in a different position. Thank you. Live in Rhode Island.
Most WC injuries pay for lost wages while on TTD and what you may lose in the future .However some states pay for scarring but I believe its only for scars on the face or where it can be seen on a daily basis.I have a one inch scar on my neck and was not paid for it.....you may ask for a plastic surgeon it cant hurt...
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very likely.
Rhode Island does include disfigurement and scarring in it's permanent impairment provisions.

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