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Continuing Disability Review
I received notice today from Social Security Administration that a full medical review will be done to determine if I am still disabled.

I was sent a short 2 page form 90 days ago to complete and in most cases a computer scans the form and the review end. But if the computer kicks out the form which is what happened with me a full disability review is done.

SO now I have a 12 page form to complete and mail or deliver to SSA's local office or my benefits stop.

I have problems writing due to unstable joints & pain of the right hand with my hand writing being difficult to read which is likely why the two page form was kicked out of the computer, so how do I complete a 12 page form?

I went ahead and made an appointment with my doctor to discuss my medical condition and get his input on this.

DO not get me wrong I would love to return to work but how do I work with limited use of the left hand and very little use of the dominant hand.

Any suggestions?
make an appt with your local SS office and take your paper for them to fill out
make an appt with your local SS office and take your paper for them to fill out
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Thanks Jayne, the letter that came with the CDR review has a name and phone number to call.

I am going to start gathering doctor records today,

I have an appointment with the primary Monday as I have been having nasty cervical headaches since I fell down the stairs earlier this week and hit the back of my head.

I plan to talk to the doctor Monday about the review.
I know thier are probably a few older people that probably could still work.. I think there looking into the wrong age group, maybe look into 20 and 30 year olds.. Heck I have been trying now for almost 1 year and still in the appeals procedure since sept..
Bronco being approved for SSDI was the easy part for me as from the time I applied to the date I was approved was six weeks.

I am going to do as Jayne suggested and call the local office and see if they have some one who can help with the paper work with this as the amount of writing required to complete the forms is something I can not do.

I know I need surgery on the dominant hand but I have to wait for the non-dominant hand to heal and gain strength before having surgery on the dominant hand.
It's probably a smarter decision... I am suprised they dont have them forms on the ssa site where you could fill them out online and be done with it.. I havnt been to pushy with my ssdi, I want to settle wc first, there is no reason wc should get let off the hook..
I have been calling doctor offices today and requesting medical records.

I find it interesting the disability review only ask for records from this past year, 2012.

I have some but missing a few reports that may make the difference in a decision.

It is so much easier to obtain records per visit than wait and stress like this.
When I first applied for social security disability I worked on gathering medical records, when I had the intake interview at the local office I gave the worker the medical records at that time.

I feel having those medical records and the in person interview at the local office was one of the reasons I qualified for disability in six weeks.
When I first applied I too gathered records, but they also insisted (spelling) they would pull the records.. After I was denied and was doing the appeal I asked for a list of records they had used to determine me.. After the run around I had found out they didnt recieve 2 very important appointments.. I had them though and was the first records I updated on the list, and even though I brought them in personally and she entered them in front of me, I once again recieved the letter for authorization for medical release.. I dont know if this is procedure but I felt offended, like I was a fraud making my records up.... I still sit and wait the decision of the appeal...
Hubby and I spent the day working on the Disability Review paper work.

We have a friend on disability and he helped with the paper work also. Dennis is doing the writing on the form as I can not hold a pen for more than a few seconds due to problems with the hand.

It took most the afternoon to get everything on paper, all the form is done except for one page.

Going to take the form and medical records by Social Security's local office after the trigger point injection Monday.

Then I go see the hand surgeon on the other hand as some how I re injured it yesterday.
Had the trigger point injections this morning, 4 of them then drove to the social security office to deliver paper work.

While I was there I watch a nurse bring in one of her patients for an in person appointment. The gentleman was middle age, visually impaired, and he walked shuffling his feet, held a cane in one hand, his body trebled with each step he took.

This gentleman's number was called to go to the window with his nurse walking at his side assisting and the gentleman grabbing at the half wall for support as he walked. After the appointment the gentleman and nurse exited the door with a security guard, the gentleman got into trouble. Next thing I knew a fire department rescue squad and ambulance where on the site.

Common sense needs to take place in this, first the gentleman's appointment was the farthest window in the building making it farther for this gentleman to walk. Two, why didn't social security try and take care of this by phone, computer or mail, (SSA demanded the gentleman come in for an interview according to the nurse) and have the gentleman try and make it into the office building, walk the entire length of the building to his appointment, and have enough strength to make it to his vehicle.

Not only were two security guards pulled from their duties to assist the emergency workers, the head manager for the local office was there with the emergency workers.

And the social security office was packed this morning, my wait time was two hours to turn in paper work.


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