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SSA Disability Review
I found the information below from the Nolo's Guide to Social Security Disability web page. I have this book at the non-profit Lending Library lots of good information.

This is the info I found:

How to Fill Out Form SSA-455
If the SSA send you the short form, SSA-455-OCR-SM (Disability Update Report), it is not expecting that you've had any medical improvement, and the form's purpose is to catch any changes in your circumstances. If the answers to the questions on the form (which are optically scanned by the SSA) raise any red flags, the agency will then do a full medical review. Red flags might be:
entering earnings above $1,010 per month (the SGA amount)
checking the box "my doctor told me I can work"
checking the box saying your health is "better" than it was at your last review or approval, or
saying you haven't visited a doctor since your last review or approval.

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