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BINGO!! BINGO!! Let's play a game of BINGO!

I just flour mine and then salt them - and fry them that's all there is to it .......... but best if they are fried in an iron skillet if you ask me - not sure why - but the non-stick skillets just don't add the same type of flavor.

The only difference between me and Jayne is I never waited until they were just starting to ripen - mine were really the green ones ...........Once they reach the size that they could ripen it was picking time for fried tomatoes. I so miss having a garden. Maybe I will try some container plants next year.
When it comes to fried green tomatoes I don't care if they are fully green or starting to ripen. I think both taste good. I mix flour, salt ,and pepper, dredge the tomato slices in the flour, and fry in butter. I also like to use an iron skillet. It just seems to taste better.
I think that people who didn't grow up with fried green tomatoes might have to aquire a taste for them. My husband and girls don't care for them, they say they taste sour. To me they taste awesome!
Eat my fried green tomatoers with bread and butter. Just think of all those calories...and fat content. But hey...we only get them for awhile....and they are darn good while they last.
I mix a little sugar or splenda with the flour and fry in bacon drippings or butter, and use a cast iron fry pan. The way grandma used to do and nice thick slices. YUMMMMY

My mom would use egg batter, then dip in corn meal with a little sugar that was good also and a little crispy.
I like to fry yellow squash. I dip it in a flour and sugar mixture then fry it in butter. I swear it tastes more like dessert than a vegetable. I guess that would be because of the sugar, huh?

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