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Surveillance info.
(05-11-2012, 07:21 AM)Inpian Wrote: My instincts are normally 98% right with this sort of thing. Over the years of dealing with this crap, I have become very knowledgeable and wise and know a great deal more than the average person would............ I say BS to you and your true intensions of why your here...

Your are just a TROLL looking to get info from us more than we are to get info out of you....and so far you have offered NOTHING from your side that any normal person wouldn’t already know....You say your on here to give back and offer all the tactics and tricks PI's use....well lets hear them, I know more than you think I know........I’m waiting..........

I say to the Mods..... remove this troll because that’s what he is.

I don't even know what a troll is. Is it someone who is causing trouble on a site??? Is that me or you? What info am I going to get from you?? I have received several personal messages from members asking for advice which I have given, would a troll do that? If my posts upset you then don't read them. If everyone thinks I am a troll them I will answer any questions right know then bail the site since your gut is always 98% right. When I joined I intended to answer questions but so far most of the questions have been basic, I could give out all that I know but it would be a long ass post and not sure if that is the thing to do. You need to calm down.

(05-11-2012, 12:58 PM)chrischris Wrote: A quote from President Ronald Reagan! "Trust, but Verify"
Ex, I've always wondered what role a nurse case manager plays in the surveillance of an IW?

Another question Ex. When the I/c provides transportation to a medical appt, or a med/legal appt. is a P.I. ever the designated driver?

Thanks for your time. Tongue

No that I know of but I have followed transportation vehicles many times, especially before 2007. The WC laws really changed back then here in CA. Power shifted towards the employers/IC's, thank Arnold for that one. Back then med and chiro appointments were unlimited and most big offices had vans picking claimant's up. It still happens but here in Ca if a PI was a mole and got hired as a driver I think her would/could get in a lot of trouble.
(05-12-2012, 08:24 AM)Inpian Wrote: Don’t know where you get worried from ..... never said I was.... READ my post more CLERLY........I said it BOTHERS ME that someone follows me...and that I feel violated and don’t take it well, and wondered when it will end.....big difference, very big ......

This is the last time I will respond on this forum or even come to read, so don’t bother responding back.....I didn’t come on here to be attacked and my words twisted... You wont hear from me again I can promise you that............

Thanks to any that actually helped and good luck to you also.....................

If you don't think I am legit then test me. Ask me anything about what I do that could help a claimant or yourself. You say my info is too basic so far, ya it probably is so ask me a serious legit question you think a troll won't answer. Your chance to help to get a serious answer out of me. I am off today and will be on this site off and on. I don't blame you for being pissed at someone like me. I would feel the same way snagging someone watching my claimant wife.

From a blog about surveillance......

Psssst…..! Who’s that following you?
If you’ve got XXXXXXX Insurance on your case, you can pretty much guarantee it’s a private investigator. Most insurance companies will use private investigators from time to time. But XXXXXX uses them more than any other insurance company we’ve ever seen.
“But I’ve got nothing to hide” you say… That’s not always the issue. Here are a few tips to keep in mind about private investigators:
· They can legally film you, but are not supposed to go onto private property. They sometimes do anyway. If they can see into your house from the street or sidewalk, they will – particularly at night when you have the lights on.
· If you have an attorney, they cannot ethically talk to you. I’ve seen cases where they did telephone injured workers. More than one person has come to me feeling threatened by a private investigator.
· A picture may be worth a thousand words. But a video can really tell as story. And an edited video can tell an outright lie. Many times an insurance company will reduce hours and hours worth of surveillance video into about ten minutes of physical activity. They don’t bother telling the doctor the film was taken over a period of days or even weeks.
· The investigator’s report or video cannot be sent to a doctor without your consent. That’s the law. But many insurance companies and their attorneys routinely break that law. Unfortunately many people at the Industrial Commission let them get away with it. So the adjusters – and again, XXXXXXX is the worst here – keep trying to get away with it.
· The investigator’s report may be a big fat lie. I recently saw a report where the private eye had interviewed my client’s neighbors. The report claimed my client’s parents were on Social Security Disability and his sister also had a worker’s comp claim. The suggestion was that my client was a faker playing the system. The only problem was that my guy didn’t have a sister, his mother was dead, and his father was still working. But the insurance adjuster still wanted to send this report to the doctor hoping that he would return my client to work rather than believing his back was really injured.
· The investigator may be teaming up with your rehab nurse. It is very common for an investigator to film you coming or going from a doctor’s visit, or watching you later that same day. How do they know what day you’re going to the doctor? The rehab nurse tells them. The insurance company is looking for any tiny difference between what you told the doctor you could do and how the private investigator would describe your actions. So you may tell the doctor it hurts when you walk. But the PI will watch you walking to your car and write in his report “the claimant appeared to be pain-free and walked with a natural gait.”
· The investigation is usually several hours long on different days. It’s pretty common for a PI to be across the street before dawn. They’re trying to see if you’re going to some other job or how you’re spending your days.
· The PI knows a lot about you. The adjuster has given him your date of birth, social security number and address. With that he has found where you used to live, possibly talked to your ex-wife, and knows if you rent, own, or have filed bankruptcy. He knows your criminal history.
· The PI has absolutely no interest in being fair or honest. He simply wants to dig up as much damaging information on you as possible. If the adjuster can successfully use that to cut down on your case, she’ll hire him again and again. Mission accomplished.
· The goal is to influence your doctor against you. Keep in mind that your adjuster has hand-picked your doctor already – often because he has a prejudice against injured workers or thinks you are all fakers. So it may not take a lot to turn him against you. In fact, one of Greensboro’s most-used orthopedic surgeons (now retired, thank heavens) would sometimes tell the rehab nurse to privately tell the adjuster to hire a private investigator when he had doubts about a patient.
· Again, this is why you’ve got to stay on top of your adjuster and make sure she isn’t bending the rules in how she uses private investigators.
What can you do to protect yourself? Here are a few tips:
· Avoid any temptation to get the doctor to pay attention to you by exaggerating how bad you hurt. It’s the difference between what you tell the doctor and what he sees in film that can hurt you.
· Know that you are being followed. So don’t be doing things in public that you wouldn’t want your doctor to know about.
· It’s ok to mow your lawn, walk your dog, and go to the grocery store. Just tell your doctor you are doing all that and let him know if it hurts and what you do about it.
· You, or your attorney if you have one, absolutely must be persistent in checking to see if the adjuster is using a private investigator.
· If you realize you’re being followed, don’t make a scene or try to escape. Remember: you’ve got the insurance company’s attention. So if you normally limp, go ahead and limp. If you grab your back when you get out of your car keep doing that. If you stop to take breaks every five minutes while doing yard work, keep doing that. And for heaven’s sake, don’t carry all six grocery bags into the house in a single trip! Yeah, you’re exposed to the camera for longer but there is no harm in carrying in the bags a couple at a time.
· Finally, remember: there’s nothing you can do to prevent the insurance company from using a private investigator. The important thing is that you are cautious and that you don’t let the adjuster get away with misusing the PI’s report.

I'm also posting a discussion we had a few years back. Boy,there are some people on this thread I really miss. Seems like some of the font was scrambled since the original posting date.

Let Go, and Let God......

My question is how far are PI's willing to follow you? Say I'm going out of town/ state to see some family while on WC. I let my attorney know and he says your injured not crippled go ahead. Will someone follow me then?
I am 20 and got injured at work with a herniated disc and sciatica. Been off work for about a month now. Haven't seen any signs of a PI yet, but I've had my guard up the whole time. Any advice you can give me for my case? Thank you! FYI I my adjuster is from **no names please**.

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