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Concerned in Maryland
Just joined the forum but have been reading for some time. I was originally injured in February of 2010 and had 2 back surgeries in 2010 ( L5- S1)neither were very successful. After having continuos pain in lower back and left leg and foot I opted for a spinal cord stimulator in September of 2011 which also was unsuccessful. This was removed in March. Still lots of pain taking 50 mcg of Fentanyl every 2 days, 7.5 mg of Hydrocodon 3 times a day and 600 mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day. Just had my 2 IME's one with a pain management doctor and one with a nuerosurgeon. Just barely making it financially and physically now afraid they will cut my checks and send me back into the workforce. I used to do mechanical contractor work very physical and now I hardly can drive to 7-11. My Nuerosurgeon and Pain Management doctors both have said I would never work again and I should file for SSD but the IME doctors were somewhat distant and didn't seem to care about anything I had to say. Now concerned about WC next move
Do you have an atty.if so what do thet say? If your treating docs say you can't why do you think the others won't? Did they seem like they wouldn't somehow? You have pretty good proof about your injury. Its normal to be worried. But untill you see their report i wouldn't beat myself up over it. Good luck
jayc - yeh I have an attorney not sure if its he's worth his salt, but never been in this type situation so he may be okay. The Pain management doc interviewed me like an attorney and wasn't interested in anyything I had to say everytime I tried to say something he would say we'll get to that later, but we never did. The Nuerosurgeon seemed like an alright guy we talked he seemed to listen and care and even asked if I had applied for SSD, which I percieved to be a positive. Just like to worry I guess. I'm 55 yrs young and have done this type of work since I was 18. I don't know anything else and don't want to end up working down at the local 7-11. Thanks for the positive spin I needed it I beat myself up everyday. I have always provided well for my family and not beeing able to really bothers me. Do you think I'm on to many meds? Before this I never even took aspirins.
you should have applied for SSDI a while ago. it's not too late. do it asap.
I did about a month ago, I would have thought if my attorney was worth his fee he would have advised me to do so. Starting to wonder whether I have a very good attorney
I did about a month ago, I would have thought if my attorney was worth his fee he would have advised me to do so. Starting to wonder whether I have a very good attorney
Did you apply through your atty if so he'll get a % i heard if you do it yourself your better off. It sounds like the docs should be fine,the PM doc could be in a bad mood from all the heat on their profession and always beibg scrutinized.I'm in the smae boat, 37 working since 15 in the construction field and worrying what jobs the future holds, but they do retrain you so there are options. If anyone here dwelled on these problems too long it would be easy to give up.th
ats why i come here for support and guidance and not being judged as a loon
Well just left my attorney. They have cut off my checks because the IME doctor put me at MMI. He said I would require pain meds forever with adjustments as required, I was able to return to work sedentary only. I have been a Heat and Air Conditioning Mechanic my whole life so that type of work is out. And he put me at 10% whole body partial permanent. What does 10% whole body equate to? I can hardly wash my behind let alone work a job! And how do you work a job on narcotics the rest of your life?
make sure you pursue vocational rehabilitation benefits:
Thanks, yes my lawyer called themm immediately and requested vocational rehab as my previuos carreer called for a lot of physical labor. But my concern is they still have me listed as having a re-herniation of the L5 - S1 so I'm walking around with a bulging disc and can't even sit or stand for more than 10 or 15 minutes. I don't quite understand how they expect me to work any type of job.

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