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I quit, what now?
Forgive me if I'm posting on the same topic as others, I swear I've been googling and searching for straight answers on this and I haven't found anything that quite fits my situation.

Sprained my ankle at work back in November. I was on regular duty for a week or two then light duty for about 3 weeks then back to regular duty. Started out at Concentra who started me with physical therapy near my house. Come early January Concentra docs freak out because I'd had 14 physical therapy visits and I wasn't better. I explained that there's this one area that just won't stop hurting, all they said was that I'll never be 100%. No crap, but I wasn't close....(turns out that is quite a common response to my ankle explanations...) so they referred me to an orthopedist. Initially the orthopedist the adjuster sent me to was an hour away so I asked for a new one. He never got back to me, I had to go through our workers comp lady to push the adjuster to get one closer. I finally got an appt with the orthopedist Feb 14. My wife changed jobs that week and I had to quit (not to mention I was working at a crummy company). I left the company on Feb 14. Workers comp approved an MRI, that initial visit and 12 physical therapy sessions. My company officially separated me on March 6.

My question.......I was working regular duty, no "benefits" just getting medical care for my ankle - in Georgia, if one quits, does having your medical care costs for the injury stop?? I've read that it stops, I've read that only lost wages stops, I've read it depends on the state so I'm pretty confused at this point. Anyone have any knowledge??
workers comp is the employers insurance not yours.
it protects the employer from your claim for as long as you have it no matter where you end up working.
they don't have to pay disability when they have a job within your restrictions that you choose not to do.
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know which state the claim was filed in to provide accurate information.........
I just got a call from the orthopedist office stating workers comp denied authorization because I was 'released.' I quit but yes released from the company upon doing so. I'm so confused, I dont even know who to ask to get a straight answer on this matter? I'm asking because the company I left was slimy and quite liable to do the wrong things.
maybe they meant released from care -not released from the company employment.
"Footer/signature" used in all my posts:
........Each state has their own comp system. We need to know which state the claim was filed in to provide accurate information.........
I called the state of Georgia's WC claim people. She was very helpful in giving me information. I called the insurance adjuster (found out I have a new one because the other one is 'no longer with the company') who stated align networks told him that the script did not reflect a continued need for physical therapy because it said that I am fit for full duty. I explained that I am not full duty for the military because of this injury and he has written me paperwork stating those limitations. He said that if the orthopedist office sent him the script directly he'd approve it. I then called the physical therapy group back who said they'd already sent the script through & that it specifically stated I'd benefit from more care so she was going to call them and try to figure it out. She stated that she believes if I'm fit for full duty that they don't HAVE to allow more physical therapy.

SO....they meant released as full duty, but all she said in the message was 'released' so I panicked. Either way I'm hoping I get my last couple weeks of physical therapy in. I have had a continued pain in this one spot on my ankle this entire time until 2 weeks ago when the doc gave me a cortisone shot. I'm afraid of what may happen when it wears off. The lady from the state WC office said I need to keep a standing yearly appointment with the same doctor 'just in case.'
1171 is correct. your WC medical goes with you. It does not stay with the employer.
8-05, Micro laminectomy/disectomy. 10-05 lumbar fusion L5-S1. 2-07 exploritory surgery. 12-07 medical implant, Spinal Cord Stimulator. now receiving SSDI. After going back to school, I received my degree as a mechanical engineer. What can I say, it was the only way I had to beat the system. 

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