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Back Injury
Hello I am new to this forum and will keep my personal information out of the loop for privacy. I am 38 years old and injured myself the end of the summer working , unloading my truck. I have been out of work since the beginning of the school year and have been told I am MMI with an FCE that will be scheduled when they get approval from workers comp. I was hurt and reported the njury and did the paperwork and went back to work sore and stiff. Two days later I started my vacation and on my first day my back locked up and I spent it on the floor of my living room. I went to see the work doctor who said it was just pain and I would be fine and see him for a follow up in a week. I did that and on the week after return visit had a different doctor in the same office, who asked why I was still working. I expleined they had told me to and have not worked since that day.I had a back injusr 3 years ago and the results of the xray were that it was unchanged but now have a back that is always sore and stiff and a pain through my left hip and down the left leg. My left leg is also painful to the tuch and numb on the top near the knee to the touch like its asleep. Not sure what to think but my entire life is physical, I work on cars and trucks and used to as a job and had a motorcycle i sold to pay bills i have an old house i work on and I drive trucks for the past 17 years as well as at one time towed and recovery of them. It seems I am loosing my mind with the thought of being a couch potato or desk jockey. Dunno what else to say I have an attorney through the union who specialize in workers comp cases.
I will add it is a disc herniation of L3 L4 and that they say a surgeon wouldnt want to touch it and it could take a few years for the body to absorb the herniation, in the meantime I am sitting here not able to do anything.I fear that in the end I will be without a job and losing my house over an injury like this.
welcome to another trucker we have several of you on here...My husband drove for Pepsi and I believe Bronco was also a truck driver.One of the reasons you are not driving is you couldnt pass the DOT right now on meds if you were crazy enough to try and crawl into a truck your lower back would drive you insane with pain without them....
Has your union given you any help at all? you should be receiving TTD pay that will help.please be kind enough to give us your state as rules depend on state and others will be along to give you even better advice.I also have a lower back injury and didnt have surgery.....still quite painful and its been years
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

each state has different work comp laws so withholding that piece of personal information limits what information we can give you.

many states allow second medical opinion or a change of doctors;
yours might?

many states provide vocational rehabilitation and retraining if the injury requires them to change jobs--yours might also??

if you are having psychological/emotional problems dealing with the effects of the injury you should discuss it with your doctor.
depression is often a consequence of serious injuries.

........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
I am in Mass. I have depression I know it for sure I havent been myself for quite a while. I have been gettin payed thru workers comp, they tried being cute and stopped paying and I called the lawyers up and the checks continued . They tried having a case worker go to all my appointments and that was a no go thru the lawyers as well. My leg is painful to touch on the side, I had anti inflammatories and pain meds prescribed but was having liver issues and would not touch any meds at all. The liver is now fine with gall stones so I still wont touch any meds. We drive and then unload as well, I had an incident unloading and it is a job that you cannot return with anylimitations. One visit at a time I have to bring them a new note. The doctor wanted me to try and work for two weeks and go back but i havent been able to do much of anything and the work then back to comp stops check again for another 4 to 6 weeks which after 6 months or so I cannot afford to do. The FCE is coming up in the next few weeks and then we go from there I suppose. Thaks for any info you can give.
get professional help for that depression.
it's like concrete, the longer it sits on your soul the more difficult it'll be to get rid of.
you need professional help to deal with it. get a referral from your doctor.
there is lots of general information on the state website

you should look into vocational services:
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........
thanks for the advice, I will definetly look into it.
call from attorney today they wanted second opinion from a neurigurgeon, I called the back doc and they said to wait for FCE the attorney said no and to call neurosuregeon and schedule appt and he would call workers comp and make it happen, im gettin dizzy already.
does anyone in the area have any experience with thiskind of process, im not getting many answers from anyone at all and starting to wonder what my future is gonna look like. I have a 2nd opinion coming with a neuro surgeon and worried I may never work in my field again.
your in almost my exact situation. two herniated one bulging loading my work van. im in forida. it happened 7/25/11 kept working for another week after and screwed it up more. still not good.are you going for surgery?im stil waiting.WC has been good so far.attorney has no answers.what questions do you have maybe i can help from my experience. ive seen alot of specialists(morons) and its hard to filter through thier selfish(money)ways.your WC so theyll try to get all the money they can from you,everyone.so let me know any questions and maybe i can help.im having a discogram tomorrow at 9.good luck
I'm not sure what questions you have.
your posts seem vague.
you have links to general information on Massachusetts workers comp as well as specific link to vocational rehab services.
was there something on the state website that wasn't clear?
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information.........

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