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Gaining Weight
I cant run with you but I need to lose another 25 lbs and there are several on here wanting to lose a few maybe we need to have our own thread and encourage each other and if we find a really good recipe share it.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

I can't join in on this one. I always lose weight after surgeries and this last one I still haven't regained the weight I lost, 26lbs. I am very underweight. Something about the shock to the system or something always does this to me. My body does not like much in the way of intervention either surgical or pain killers. Though I will say that when I was put on Gabapenten when I was first diagnosed with nerve pain I did gain a lot of weight. Unfortunately the side effects were so severe that I had to stop taking it. Another thing that the doctor tried for my depression was Remeron, which threw me into a sort of weird manic phase. As soon as I realized that I was having really strange thoughts and mood changes that I knew I was in trouble with that one. Even heard voices at one point. Then I did a check, which I really should have done in the first place, on the web and found that very rarely does it cause episode of mania!!!!!! That is the problem with me. I get all of the rare side effects. Why can't I just for once get a normal side effect?
maybe because most of us arent normal or we wouldnt be here! the normal WC cases are handled very quickly we are the abnormal ones....we are the the special ones...so to speak...lol
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Oh yes we are special...lol.
I gained around 30 lbs after my injury; The problem is I was already overweight. I needed to lose 80-90 lbs. I began this journey almost 2 years ago along with my significant other. I lost approx 90#. Partner lost approx. 60#.

I have kept this weight off over a year. It is hard; It takes dedication and a lifestyle change. I still cheat so often but I do small portions; also rob Peter and pay Paul. All about balance and will power. Living in the world of fried foods is hard.... Wink

I take meds known for weight gain. One of them is pregabalin + 2 narcotics and a sleeping aide that can cause food binging.

I cannot run; I paced myself and walked. I am PTD by WC standards, on SSDI etc. It was not easy and is still not easy but I do not want to die of obesity. My MSA was cut 4 years short due to my obesity.

If anyone wants to know what we did to lose this weight, let me know. I will never embarrass anyone with weight issues. It is depressing and makes one feel inadequate. I lost the weight for myself.

Now, I did drink TONS of Kool aid. I know someone above talked against it but putting lots of fluids in your body(low calorie) is a must. I am not a water fan at all. LOL

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