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Hopefully your state will change the laws that allow people to own exotic animals. So often the animals are abused and neglected. I'm no animal rights activist but I want animals to be properly treated. I understand why the police shot down all of the big animals that they did, not enough time to get the proper people in place, getting dark, homes nearby. Imagine the shock when the first calls came in. "Dispatch to patrol 4, hey go pick up the drunk on 4th street, they just called in a report of a bear strolling past his front door and a bengal tiger drinking from his pool.'
Lions, tigers and bears.. Oh My.....

I know I wouldnt want to be sleeping and have one them animals come through my screens... I agree with thier decisions to shoot, it would have been different if they had the time to trap.. When we purchased our land before we built there was privacy, and its on the north side of all the old farm fields.. When the construction to the home was being done we watched bears walk the tree line. The DNR will say no, but we had a cougar come through our basement window and tracks across the bed. We were just moving in thank god, no food so he/she was just snooping around.. Since then around our area 3 different ones have been cited and now the dnr confirms.. They may have migrated but probably was some ones pet and got loose and never returned.. Years ago they used to roam our state but had left, maybe climate changes are bringing them back...
There are lots of people here who are upset at the way they handled that situation with the animals. But I feel they did the right thing and doing what they did. I like bodybuilders theory of picking up the drunk who seen the animals in their yard and drinking from the pool.
They are so fortunate that no one was hurt and they got them as fast as they did, I am sure the laws of Ohio will change now to not allow people to own exotic animals. Even tho Bronco some of them would of made for a good dinner. LOL
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