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Back surgery went well
Thank you all for your prayers. My son's surgery went very well, the pressure on his spinal column has been taken off. He had 3 different disc fragments on his nerves plus the stenosis. Now we just need to work on his pulmonary stats. He was kept in post-op for nearly 4 hours trying to bring his sats up. We'll know by tomorrow whether or not he has pneumonia, sounds like it, but we'll see. Staff at the spine hospital is working hard to get his lungs clear.

Thanks again,
Im glad it went well.. Did the surgeon know he was sick...?
Bronco he wasn't sick this am, it's his bodies reaction to being put under. Chronic asthma, mitral valve prolapse, bad lungs, doesn't react well to anesthesia. The one thing the didn't do this am is get violent when waking up. He just gets so congested so easily, leads to pneumonia quickly. We've worked him up trying to keep him from getting sick before surgery, added two extra meds.
My Cody has the same problem when being put under due to his asthma.

It's scary when you see their pulmonary stats drop within a short time.

BB, Josh continues to be in my prayers
When I left the hospital for a short time today to pick up a medication the spine hospital didn't have Josh called me to tell me he was up out of bed and that the pain in both of his legs was gone. He then proceeded to call everyone he could think of, he was so thrilled.

Bummer better meds have kept my son alive, better planning, having a very good pulmonologist onboard helps as well. I'm pretty certain that he'll come home on O2 and that's okay, we've dealt with that many a time. His pulmonologist called me a short while ago and said that he might do a bronchial washing on him tonight if necessary. Not too thrilled about that but his pulmonologist told me that someone will be with him close by until he goes home. I just had to come home at 1800hrs tonight, I'd been at the hospital since 0500, I was just too wiped, his sister is with him.

She showed up today, awesome!

I am so glad things work out so well...praying here in Okla for him
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Hope all goes well with your son!
no matter where you're at there you are

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