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Back from Pain Management
Drove 112 miles one way to Keller,TX to meet with my new pain management Dr. Although he looked awfully young to me.. he knew all the ABC's of RSD/CRPS, which impressed me. There aren't a lot of Dr's out there that even know what the initials stand for. He is sending me for another thoracic MRI, had me do a quick psych eval and is requesting permission from my insurance co to do a trial SCS. So if everything is a go, I will be having three out-patient surgeries within the next 2 months. One for the trial scs, one to remove it and the 3rd to implant the permanent SCS. I go back on the 12th of September for my next appointment, unless we get the MRI/psych results/permission from insurance to go ahead with everything. Then it could be a lot sooner.

After talking about all of my chronic pain problems, we decided to focus on getting the RSD/CRPS pain under control and then we will focus on the problems with my back and neck. He seems to know what he is doing in concern with both issues.

But somehow, God works in mysterious ways. Took my best friend with me, and on the way to Keller, she got a call from her nephew who lives in Chico, TX which we pass going to and from Keller. He was just wanting to let her know that as soon as he could get a ride, he would be moving to Wichita Falls to live with/help out his 82 year old uncle. Well, we offered to pick him up on our way back home and he is now safely ensconced in my friends home till the AM when she will take him to his uncles house, which just so happens to be only a few blocks from her. There was so much that we talked about on the way home.. and so many odd coincidences, that we all knew it was meant to be.

So after a long day (been up and going since 8 AM) it is time for this tired ole lady to hit the sack. Catch y'all in the morning.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
Sounds like you had a good appointment, I am happy for you and hope the SCS works.

To have the trial removed you go into the doctors office, he cuts the sitches holding it in and pulls it out. Then puts a bandaid on it. Not too hard. Sure hope the SCS works for you, the trial will tell you for sure. And I hope they pay for it and not screw you around. Took me almost a year to get the trial after doctor said he wanted to try one for me.
So, I just found out that I have another road trip next Monday. This time I have to be in Hurst, TX (118 miles one way) at 12:15 to get my thoracic MRI done. ARGH !!! This is just not going to be a fun month for me I guess.

Manley, my insurance is pretty co-operative. They found me all but one of the Dr's I have been seeing. Seems there aren't a lot of Dr's in my area that are accepting new medicare/medicaid patients, so they have had to look else where for them.

I am hoping that the MRI will show nothing that will keep me from a trial. My last pain management Dr here in town when I had private insurance wouldn't even think of attempting to do it due to a herniated propulsus at the T8-T9. But this Dr. believes they can put the leads in a little lower and be able to get it to help the RSD in both of my legs.

Angel ^j^
I've always been crazy, but it keeps me from going insane.
Happiness comes through doors you didn't even know you left open
I hope it all works out for you, take as much relief as you can.. After all who's going to tend to all them dishes in the cafe....lol.
Glad to hear you are finally getting some treatment and hopefully will get some relief. It has been some time for you. Maybe the travel won't seem so bad when you feel a bit better Smile Hope it works for you!
Live, Laugh, Love ~
For me one of my troubles that was a pain in my you know what was my legs when I would lay down to go to bed or just try to relax. My SCS has helped with that for sure. The trial should tell you for sure what it will help with. I really don't get much relief in my lower back with it but they will tell you it doesn't do much for that. The trouble I had in my legs was almost worse then any pain just because we found no meds that helped with this so until the SCS I just had to deal with it. I really hope you can get soe relief with this

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