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Psychological disability/Work related depression
Can I make a claim of psychological disability/work related depression in a worker comp claim? If so, What kind of evidence is needed to support this claim if any?
Jams Wrote:Can I make a claim of psychological disability/work related depression in a worker comp claim? If so, What kind of evidence is needed to support this claim if any?

I just met someone who in Illinois has successfully received a settlement for work related stress/depression and a friend of mine mom has a disability for depression...She used a group called Those of whom we do not speak toget her disability and needed a letter from a certified pychiatrist...I don't know anymore than this ....I hope it helps a little
Hi Jams and welcome to the forum. As to your question, each state is different in terms of how it identifies, defines, and processes workmans compenation claims. I am not sure about your question. I do know that in New Jersey where I live that there are circumstances where depression can be claimed. However, there are usually a lot of surrounding and documented situations. In terms of applying for SSDI and am going to leave you site that takes you to the what is called the blue book. It does have information about depression but usually not in and about itself. Depession that is the result of an affective mood disorder, or many others issues. I will leave this site for you too read. I hope it helps you some in the decisions you are attempting to make. Maybe someone else will come a long that has more exprerience in this situation that I do.

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I can't answer for all states but I can tell you it is possible in California. Not easy but possible. You open yourself up to alot of scrutiny as far as your personal life and past history. You have to prove that at least 51% of the problem is caused by the job. There are just too many variables in such a claim to even begin to speculate how successful you would be, especially in an open forum such as this. That being said if you are truly suffering from depression you need to seek help immediately. It won't get better on it's own. Start getting treatment that may even help determine what role the job plays in it. Whether it is work related or not is irrelevant as the need to get professional help. God Bless and Good Luck.
Some states don't allow stress claims. It would help if we knew what state you are in.
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Hi Jams, and Welcome to the Boards! Phys. claims are tough, but not impossible with the right documentation and Dr. backing. I think the first thing to do is as frustrated has said and seek Help, if for nothing else than your Health and well being. Second, research Your States Website, there is usually a section on w/c, and you can learn the rules and regs. I Hope this Helps, and Best of luck to you!!Wink

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