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Tenn. law bans posting images that "cause emotional distress"
(06-14-2011, 09:38 AM)jayne Wrote: it does no good to argue with him its why I wont...he has it in his head hes right and wont change his mind...your not Debating him so its a lost cause...your just banging your head agaist a steel door its why I said I am done its time for all to move on....there is nothing more to be said here

You cannot stand to be challenged admit it. When someone challenge's your position, you clam up and go away.
Like I said All Bark and no bite. Excuses and you say bye bye.
Change me with Policy; Tell me who can turn this country around; Tell me anything that has a little substance to it. You very much dislike Obama and that's your only train of thought. It is called Tunnel Vision.

I say Mitt Romney is the man because of his great Business background.
Hermann Cain, Godfather's Pizza president I know little about. I actually have heard him on Fox news Sunday with Chris Wallace and Bill O'reilly show.

Hermann Cain is interesting and obviously a brilliant man. My problem is, IS HE ELECTABLE in the real world? I like him but it might not be his time. Never say never. How great would it be to have a Black Republican President!

I think cain would be a big improvement over what we have now.. Romney is a little to easy to blame the other guy and seems like a follower, dont think he can do anybetter then Obama. They all seem like the best thing until the day they are elected and that dont matter if they are democrat or republican.. But I feel we need a president who is willing to kick out the illegals and stop making a path for them to be here legaly..

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