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Bumper sticker fun
(06-22-2011, 10:09 AM)jayne Wrote: yeppers but that time is over.....it can no longer sustain itself.....like a baloon it has deflated....you did well...but in order to keep it you better hide it in an off shore account from your democrat president cuz he is looking for it to dole it out to those who dont wanna work as hard as you did....

Such a lame response that has no merit. It about the same as the idiot who predicted Jesus was coming approx. a month ago.

Just because you have lame Union Reps in your area does not mean it is the #1 problem with unemployment nation wide.

The problem is corporate America not hiring but at the same time have record profit years. Greedy turds!
Could it be the slave over seas labor you want America to work for?
you have taken my thread when I didnt want it to go....you do not live in the real world......I am done with you....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

Heck Jayne he did it on 1171's thread too, must be his meds.....

Sounds like he had an easy run at his union world job, and thats great... But I wonder what that brown dust was on his nose, maybe thats why he became such a role model union worker.......

I'm bad........but freebird your just off your rocker.......lol.

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