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Can anyone help? PLEASE
I don't know if it has to do with your state. I think it has to do with the provisions of the policy that your company.
Thanks for checking!!
No I've not been given an empairment rating yet. My doctor has told my physical therapist that he doesn't feel I'm ready for an FCE yet, and they are going to add some conditioning to my therapy. I go to PT 3x's/week, mechanical traction 3x's/week and aqua therapy 2x's/week. I had 3 epidural injections as well as trigger point injections and Iontophorisis, an Mri, X-rays and 2 EMGs. I was taken out of work for a short while at the beginning of my injury. I have had an IME. I have to go for a bone scan next week on my left hip and lower back, my doctor said he wants to check for any damage from my initial injury causing joint problems or something like that, I'll know more after it's done.
Take care
HI Star...WELCOME...You have done a very smart thing by joining the forum. It is full of information. You do have a very full plate. Four little ones...and are very busy little ones. So my heart does go out to you. Being injuried and trying to raise your children. I see you have gotten lots of advice...and I have to say..I am not to knowledgeable about the wc system...but I can offer my support my listening if you just need an ear. I want to tell you about the "off Topic" area of the forum it is just below this forum. Please join us there. It gives you a place to just vent if you need to and it can be about just about anything...you can find a good funny...tell us all about yourself. Play a game...we just had a wonderful game of Bingo...and one of our wonderful members RED painted pictures for the winners...and I can say the paintings are beautiful....Star it really is a place to be with other IW....and we do understand what you are going through. So join in anytime. We would love to have you.
Wow you are so wonderful and full of kindness.I will definetly jjoin and get to know everyone a little better. Thanks for the invite and see ya there!!SmileSmile
WOw you have a lot to deal with.

Thanks for replying

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