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settlement check
quick question all i had my hearing for the decision of settlement and the judge approved it on march 23 the day of the hearing. now i just got a letter from the comp board saying they approved it and it was filed on april 13. now my lawyer and the judge said it would take 25 days for me to get the check does that mean from the day or the hearing or the date that it was filed in the letter? thanks in advance
I would think that would be from the date of the hearing.

It was 30 days after my hearing before my attorney received the settlement check.

Once my attorney received the settlement check it was deposited in the business account, it took 7-10 days for the check to clear the bank. Once that happened the attorney took his share, the expenses came out next., and I received the remainder.

Then I received the phone call to pick up the check. I made the deposit into my account with a hold being placed on the account for 7 days until the check cleared the account.
i would say from the date it was filed.
most carriers would not risk making payment and then finding out the settlement was not approved by the comp board.
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ok i just heard from my lawyer they have 10 days from the date it was filed. and its 2 separate checks one mailed to lawyer other mailed to me
Here in Ohio i think they have 30days after the 14 days they are provied for an appeal on the rateing, and that would be 30 working days. Each time i have been pd ppd, the check has always been issued to my attorney and they issue a check to me, at that time.
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