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CA QME Doctor for WC ins lied in Medical report
The Qme MD for WC ins lied in both his 1st and 2nd reports regarding the tests he performed on me and what I was able to do. The WC insurance has denied requested medical care/procedures based upon this doctors reports. TGhe judge in the trieal based his award instructions partly on this doctors opinions. My QME and their QME were at exact opposite on the spectrum. Do I have any recourse against this doctor. My attorney does not want to go after him. I live in California. This whole process has taken 7 years. I have a back injury with annular tears and bulging discs at 3 levels. It has also just been discovered through an MRI that my neurologist (non WC MD) ordered that the TARLOV cysts which were very small in the 1st MRI 7 years ago have increased in size significantly are now wrapped around nerve roots, interfering with my spinal cord and could be eroding my tail bone. These were never followed up on by any of the doctors and I consider them to be the source of my very significant pain that I live with every minute. WC denied any further MRIs of my back after the 1st ones. Could this be considered medical malpractice in that these were never folowed up on?
you can file a complaint here:

it would be up to medical evidence and a court of law whether the earlier unnoticed cysts constituted malpractice on some one's part.
(03-27-2011, 02:02 AM)1171 Wrote: you can file a complaint here:

it would be up to medical evidence and a court of law whether the earlier unnoticed cysts constituted malpractice on some one's part.

Thanks so much for the info. I have another issue now. The TARLOV cyst problem was discovered after the judge made his award decision. Is there a way to add this issue into the case or would I have to start over again. I used to be a successful project manager with a great home life, social life, and lots of friends, That has all been destroyed. I originally hurt my back lifting a heavy box at work. Three months later on the way to my WC doctor I was hit head on by a hit and run driver in a stolen pick-up truck while I was waiting at a stop light. The pain in my lower back has steadily worsened over the years.From the beginning all I ever wanted was to get better so I could return to work and get the rest of my life back. I have terrible neck pain, left elbow pain,depression, IBS and worsening of my diabetes. These were all accepted as part of the award, and I have been rated at 61%- 9 percentage points away from a Lifetime Pension. The past 7 years have been beyond hell for me. I take very strong pain MEDS including morphine and dilautid. My pain level with meds never gets below a 7. I have gone through PT, chiro, epidural and facet injections, and a discogram. I have had to raise my 2 teenaged daughters alone during this time. They have sufferred tremendously. I have struggled financially but was approved on the first try for SSD. I just want to make sure I get everything I deserve and make sure that this dishonest QME doctor does not make other workers suffer because of his lies.
if you think the cyst condition is caused by your work you will need supporting medical evidence.

the medical evidence will determine whether it is a new injury or part of the original claim.
there was another on here that had the same problem search tarlov cysts and check those posts I believe she came out okay
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