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my military daughter
Jayne you have every reason to be proud of your daughter and as far as that goes all of your children. That document is a very high honor.

So all of your adult children serve in our military as well as did your husband???!!! WOW!!! - I would like to thank your family for their service.

yes my honey retired from the airforce.......my oldest daughter and her honey are both in the air force....and will retire out....my son was medically discharged from the marines and now works for then as a civ....he is a single father raising his 2 children.....my next daughter went in the army married an army man and she got out to raise her 3 children next daughter down was air force and married air force and they are now stationed in germany.......Becca busted her ankle in a car wreak and they wont let her join.....the 3 little ones will be groomed to serve their country also........I dont care if they do just 4 yrs or make a career but this country has been good to us and they will do their share to pay their dues to keep it free for the next generation
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Jayne it is an Honnor just for you to share this great news. I feel so pleased myself just to read it. In fact, I have been reading over and over. I thank you for sharing this with us all.
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Jayne....You and your family are just so wonderful. It was an honor to read about your daughter. Thank you for sharing.
Oh Jayne, I am so proud with you. I am honored to know you and your family. God bless you each and every one for the courage and strength you have to protect the rights of Americans and our freedoms. Please hug her neck for me, and once again, God Bless.
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How wonderful Jayne!!!
"The seed doesn't fall far from the tree"
You and yours should be proud as an American could be!
LillyBig Grin
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Congratulations Jayne! You sure are a proud Mama!
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What a wonderful commendation. Being ex-military myself, my heart swelled with pride reading about your Daughter. You have very right to be proud of her, as well as the rest of your family. Sounds like you have raised a family full of strength and patriotism. Give them all hugz and let them know that we are proud of them and that we will be there backing them 100% in all that they do.

Angel ^j^
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thank each and every one of you
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......



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