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workers comp settlement multiple injury
I hope some body can help my with some info

Well I get a car accident driving the company track from one job site to the office, I was not under the influence of any substance or nothing like that, for the crash I get mi left hip broke, after surgery two plates on it, the left femur head had one plate, some mild fracture on the sacral I can’t be seating longer of a 45 min straight, for the pain, ulma fracture on my right arms after a surgery one plate on it, some fractures on my ankle, on the talus and the fibula with one plate after surgery, I have a lot of pain on my ankle joins, and on the hip on top of that, wile I’m walking with cane support, I realize mi left leg (injury on the accident) are ½ inch uneven with the right so I’m using a pad to compensate the difference, can same body tell my what I can expect on terms of compensation or % of disability ????

the accident was on Washington DC
this is really an On Topic post and deserves to be on the injured worker board not here where other things are discussed.

not all states use impairment ratings.
when you re-post on the other board inculde your state.
in states where there are ratings, it's left to the doctor (they are too complex to do on a message board)
Reminder :
........Each state has their own comp system; POST YOUR STATE to get accurate information. Use the search feature to find information from similar questions.
HMDR welcome to our forum 1171 is right you will get more help on the other side but I believe I can answer your question in good faith.....most states pay a settlement based on your disabilty not on what you injured...if you are 100% well and put back together there may be no settlement...if the Drs say you have a 35% whole body then the calculations begin....Workmans comp does not pay for pain and suffering so settlements are quite low...however if you were not at fault you may have a 3rd party suit with whom ever hit you...remember tho when you settle with the 3rd party you must pay WC every penny back they spent on you unless you have a darn good lawyer that gets you a better deal....best bet is to look for a lawyer that can handle both the WC case and 3rd party...again welcome and good luck
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

HMDR, I can shine in a bit as well... I would swear I was looking at a mirror with very simmilar injuries.. I was in a head on mva, and busted my hip socket, 7 fractures in the pelvis left side was broken away from the si joint, broke both upper and lower pubic bones..... The fix was a reconstruction to the pelvis and hip, with lots of hardware a total of almost 40 screws and plates... 14 broken ribs, punctured lung and torn rotor cuf, fractured skull. I dont know how your healed, but I have learned from mine that damage keeps adding up due to the mva and surgeries, 3 years after..... Left leg is 1/2 shorter as well ancle healed with a curve, no impairment in my state for the shortness unless it would have been 3/4 or more.. Wc does pay for my orthodics specialy made from a foot dr. I am allowed 1 set per year, as far as any future impairment, depends on how well our healed at mmi.. Just for my hip and muscle loss to leg I was given a 23% with future medical for a total hip replacement... As far as anything else, you need to give more info, are you at mmi, what kind of restrictions do you have and are they permanent...? Everyone is not always the same settlements vary even for the same injury...

Ps.. If you post this on the injured forum you will get better results...........bronco

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