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Can the IC stop your wc check at any time??
I know this has been asked before but I can't find it.
I'm in Pa & my checks have been on time for about 10 months & then yesterday (& today) no check!! 5 months ago; my Dr released me saying the samething as the other 4 Dr's have said; "something I'll have to live with"; He also; stated "I'm putting you at MMI right now BUT in the future you'll need another surgery on your right shoulder" (I've had 3 surgeries -- 2 on my left & 1 on my right); for now "no repetative movement with your arms & no overhead reaching; no lifting" and just continue with the home exercises & the electrotherapy treatment & the meds your family dr has you on (fentayl (sp) & vicodin & tramadols).
If put on MMI does your checks stop right away or do they have to notify you first?
I've been on wc for 5 years now; before I had an atty; the IC worker answered my questions; then afterwards she became very mean & nasty towards me; so my atty has handled all contact with them.
I called my atty; but he's on vacation; so I left a voicemail with his paralegal & I'm now waiting for her to return my call. Thanks for any advice.
"Tomorrow is never promised to anyone"
has your physician supplied you with an impairment rating?
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain"
Nope; never had any ratings.
"Tomorrow is never promised to anyone"
Jay, I'm also in Pa. and to answer your question, no they can't just stop your Payments without a letter stating why they are going to stop your Benefits, and time for you to file an appeal on the issue. There may have just been a hold-up in the Mail, and hopefully your Check will be there soon. My Attorney always tells me to contact him if my check is ever one week Late, then there could be a Problem. If You have not Received a form entitled "Notice of Availability to Return to Work", explaining your restrictions and telling you the date of their decision, you are still on Comp. And even if they do send you that Letter, and you can't return to work, your Attorney can file an Appeal, and unless the Judge grants Superceadus, allowing them to stop your TTD (Which they rarely do), you would receive your TTD checks even during the Appeals Process. I Hope this is just a mix-up in the Mail, and your Check arrives soon!! Any other questions, Please ask and Have a Great Day!!!Smile
Thanks Limbo; I knew you're in Pa too & I was hopein you'd see my post & have an answer for me. My checks were late once before (about 1 1/2 years ago); & I never recieved anything in the mail. They just were playing their games & once my atty filed the penelty paper; the games stopped & I started getting my check on time again.
But; this time I thought maybe with my Dr releasing me things could be different. (I'm hopeing for your way of thinkin).
I'll keep ya posted --- hopefully today it'll be in -- (my rent is due)Sad
"Tomorrow is never promised to anyone"
I am in Maryland so maybe it is differant, I was released to work sedentary duties with restrictions. Lawyer says this is why I am not getting checks. Still under dr care awaiting surgery. I dont think it is what they can or can't do it's what they can get away with because of poor representation. I think wc has a list of attorneys and next to their names they put notations....like dumb, crooked, doesn't care etc.
so they know what actions they can get away with.
Think about it.
"Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain"
Jay, if your doctor released you 5 months ago as MMI. Does this mean you were to return to your employer? Not sure about PA but I think once you are MMI you are no longer going to get checks. But you know I don't know much about this it's just I thought I read it on this board somewhere. I hope I am wrong and Limbo is right. GOOD LUCK
My employer terminated me back in Jan. "06; I thought that too about once you're MMI; your cash benefits stop. But; (knock on wood) I've been still receiving my wc checks every two weeks as usual; up until this past monday. I'm not sure about it all with the DR; just that he told me I'll definitely need another surgery--- not too keen on that idea at all; but; I'll just keep on putting it off until I can no longer take the pain or until someone says I have to have it done now. I'm just following my Doc's orders & do my exercises & stimulator vest at home with my meds.
My atty's paralegal never returned my call; so I called the Ins. carrier myself & asked her why my check could be 3 days late. She said: "Last thursday & friday in Pittsburgh it stormed really bad & they had alot of power outages" (I do remember watching the news & they did have some really bad storms) & she said my check was mailed out Monday instead of the usual day on Friday. So; I figure I'll probably get it tomorrow.Big Grin Hopefully all this worrying was for nothin. Take care.
"Tomorrow is never promised to anyone"
I'm sure it is Jay, what I put in my Post above is Pa.w/c Law You will be fine, I'm not far from Pgh, and we did have nasty Storms!!!Wink
whew good for you Jay we i/w have enough to worry then missing our checks when we need them to be on time. good luck glad it was just a little delay.

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