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failed laminectomy-discetomy
hello everyone as many of you know I got hurt in june 2008.
3 herniated disks, had LAMINECTOMY -DISCETOMY,L3-L4-L5
I requested a copy of the last surgeon doctor that I saw.
this is what it says
failed laminectomy syndrome with residual multilevel disc desease and disc protusion with foraminal stenosis and bilateral radiculopathy right greater then left...
before the surgery I saw 3 doctors , and one of them was against any surgery, the other 2 said I could benefit from it.
so I went ahead and had it done in sept 2009.
needless to say that my pain is now worse then before surgery.
Iam taking more medication then before,and Iam really disapointed.
with the outcome of the surgery, went to court and now Iam waiting for a trial date,I was hoping I could do some kind of work
but honestly the pain is horrible,does anyone know what my diagnostic really means?I hate the medical- terminology.
as 1171 once said, Iam an other victim of medical malpractice
any advise? can I sue the doctor that did my surgery?
thanks for your info...
so sorry Hidesertguy...many lower back surgerys are not good due to scar tissue.....
........I love cats, I just cant eat a whole one by myself......

That why it's hard to decide on surgery. Too many times we end up worse then when we started. Its hard to prove malpractice these days and it this type of surgery they are going to say we told you it could make you worse. Mine is I think about the same thing but I got lucky in that both the surgeons felt the odds when stronger that I would be worse after it so we didn't do it. One of my biggest things was I was afraid I would find a doctor that just felt he could help me and just wanted me on the table so he could get paid to do the surgery. In my case they both said I would need to wait until I could not even walk before they would want to even think about doing it. The day to day pain is not a fun thing to live with everyday but when you think about how bad it could be it helps.

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